Best Shoes For Orangetheory Fitness: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Founded in 2010 and currently operated under Orangetheory Fitness franchise, this training regimen is all the rage nowadays for fitness concerns.

Orangetheory exercises help you and your body to stimulate metabolism, increase energy and provide great support. The hour-long workout will consume almost all of your heart capacity and practitioners can burn around 500 to 1000 calories in one session.

This personalized fitness program is based on EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) and requires the participants to wear a live heart monitor around the chest or the forearm. The 60-minute workout aims to push the participants into the EPOC zone.

For better results with this training regiment, you need to equip yourself with proper gear that will make your exercise routine all the more comfortable, relaxing without holding you back on the training routine. Proper footwear is very essential when it comes to Orangetheory training.

We’ve combed through many shoes geared towards Orangetheory workout and prepared a list of the 8 best shoes for Orangetheory fitness. While reviewing the shoes, we selected the best shoes out of many based on the following features in shoes that you will need in your workout sessions :

  • Shoe Material
  • Breathability
  • Support and stability
  • Sizing and Fit
  • Shoe cushioning
  • Durability

Let’s get into the list now, shall we?

1. Brooks Ravenna 10

Brooks Men's Ravenna 10 Alloy/Blue/Nightlife 11.5 D US

The Ravenna line of shoes from Brooks are mostly designed for stability. The lightweight and responsive designing of these shoes make them ideal for running and for training routines.

With a full-blown rubber compound material for the outsole, the shoes deliver excellent traction and durability with extra cushioning. Gait cycles of wearers also is smoothened with a midfoot transition zone.

As with Brooks’ other shoes, Ravenna 10 shoes also feature BioMoGo midsole. The biodegradable midsole that runs full length provides excellent cushioning and adapts to the wearer’s foot shape accordingly. With excellent shock absorption and energy return, these shoes are perfect for extreme workout sessions.

Another interesting addition to these shoes is the GuideRail support system along the arch which provide holistic support to your foot by correcting underpro-nation and over-pronation.

The shoe upper is made of a one-piece mesh material with few open-weave sections to target hotspots. The seemingly seamless construction makes it less likely to have skin irritations. For intense workout sessions in Orangetheory, these shoes are the perfect fit as they offer excellent breathability and moisture gets wicked very quickly.

The padded tongue and collar ensure that the shoes don’t slip off whenever you are performing intense workout. The shoes are also very durable thanks to the rubber outsoles and the one-piece upper that is incredibly resistant to wear and tear.

With a price range of around $110, these shoes will definitely suit your daily training routines.


  • Affordable price range
  • GuideRails for foot correction
  • Rubber outsole with excellent traction
  • Midfoot transition zone


  • Toe-box doesn’t feel roomy
  • Weight might affect training routines
  • Less flexible

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2. NOBULL Training Shoes

NOBULL Training Shoes

The shoes from NOBULL are geared towards people who train hard and rigorously.

These shoes are incredibly versatile and durable. They perform excellently for day-to-day activities like walking and light-running but also offer their maximum efficiency for hard trainings and exercises like HIIT and Orangetheory workouts.

The rugged outsole has lug-pattern which is designed for many environments and provide excellent traction. With carbon guards on the sides, you can stop worrying about the shoes whenever you’re going full-force.

The shoe-upper consists a seamless one-piece design of SuperFabric which is an abrasion-resistant material. The upper material is also extremely durable and breathable. Guard plates on the base also add durability and protection to the shoes.

The shoes are also incredibly lightweight which certainly help to keep your fatigue down during intense training sessions.

With a zero-drop design, breathable upper mesh, firm support and durability, these shoes will be the perfect fit for women during intense sessions.


  • Zero-drop and lightweight
  • Guard plates add protection
  • Excellent outsoles for intense trainings


  • Runs narrow compared to other shoes
  • Stiff soles
  • A bit high price

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3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 We do not include different shoes from the same brands easily. But such is the excellence of these shoes that it would have been unfair to not recommend these for workouts.  These shoes have all the features of Brooks Ravenna 10 (See #1) and then some.

The outsole is the same as Ravenna 10 which is a rubber compound that adds traction and durability to the shoes. The outsole region is divided into five sections which are separated by flex grooves; it helps to lessen the impact in underfoot and increases flexibility.

Similarly, the midsole is fitted with BioMoGo DNA material providing ample cushioning and stability. The heel section features a DNA Loft crash pad which adds further durability. GuideRail support system is also featured.

The shoes’ overlay is made with 3D Fit Print technology which help to secure the foot properly contributing to a snug fit. Padded tongue and collar are also present.

The shoes have excellent breathability even with the presence of overlays and customers have appreciated the air circulation all around the shoes which allows moisture and sweat to be wicked away quickly.

At around 11 ounces for men’s version and 9.5 ounces for women’s, these shoes are a bit heavy than other shoes but that won’t affect your training routines in any way whatsoever. Even though the corrective features in these shoes fall short compared to other shoes, these shoes are still ideal for your Orangetheory workout sessions.


  • DNALoft crash pad
  • Blown rubber outsole
  • GuideRails holistic support
  • 3D Fit Print overlays


  • Tend to run small
  • Tongue gets ripped out fairly easy and laces get frayed
  • Stiff sole unit
  • Price on the higher-end

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4. Saucony Triumph Iso 5

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Running ShoeThe “Triumph” shoe line from Saucony offers some of the best new ideas from the footwear brand. These shoes are perfect for practitioners of Orangetheory who prefer comfort with padded cushioning.

The outsole uses a Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber which helps to increase the flexibility, durability and adaptability of the shoes. The rubber is thinner than previous iterations of the Triumph shoes and offers easier change of directions for your foot. Although the outsole is a bit on the heavier side, it has a better grip than the previous models.

The midsole is the most outstanding feature in these shoes. It is made of Saucony’s patented EVERUN material which is highly cushioned and energetic. The material runs along the length of the shoes providing a very responsive feel for the wearer.

The ISO upper of the shoes helps to provide a secure fit during your movements. The Jacquard mesh material offers high breathability while making the shoes lightweight as well.

The contoured footbed provides guidance and support for your foot without any limitations. The footbed is narrow in the rear region and widens at midfoot and further at forefoot.

The shoe doesn’t boast to be a minimalist shoe due to the heavier feel and while the cost is also on the high end, these shoes are definitely worth for your training hours.


  • Tri-Flex Rubber outsole
  • ISOFIT upper
  • EVERUN material midsole
  • Contoured footbed


  • Expensive
  • Forefoot too wide for some wearers
  • Runs about half a size smaller than usual

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5. Nike Metcon 4

Nike Metcon 4 With Nike, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever go wrong with your selections. The Metcon line of shoes from Nike are specifically designed for training sessions due to the shoes’ low platforms and other supporting traits.

The sticky rubber outsole remains unchanged from the previous models. The outsole wraps around the middle and the sides to provide increased protection and stability. The outsoles extend slightly at the heels to prevent dragging during intense workout sessions.

Similarly, there is no unique midsole design just like the predecessors to ensure a lower platform and stability. Even then, the midsole is still dense enough to prevent sagging; however, this comes with the drawback of stiff cushioning.

The shoe upper is upgraded from the previous versions. It is a sandwich mesh layer with two layers of soft mesh that provide breathability and comfort to the wearer. Flywire lacing system helps to keep the foot locked into place even in extreme movements. The 3D haptic technology provides extra durability with more thickness around the toes and heel.

While the men’s versions of these shoes are quite heavy due to the rubber outsole and upper material, these shoes are fit for indoor use. And for Orangetheory practice, that is something you definitely want to hear.


  • Low drop ensures good posture
  • 3D haptic technology offers more durability
  • Rubber outsole with tristar thread pattern for more durability and traction


  • High price tag
  • No dedicated midsole
  • Heel slippage problems not rectified from previous models
  • Narrow Fit in some cases
  • Laces feel too long

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6. Adidas Alphabounce Beyond

adidas Men's Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe, Grey, 12 M USSupport and stability are the major characteristics of these shoes. The fashionable design with comfortable cushioning makes them ideal for any casual wearers but also makes them fit for training sessions.

These shoes offer Continental Rubber outsoles which provide excellent traction on any surface. The pattern at the bottom also look like tire tread. The outsole is also raised to provide protection to the midsole.

The midsole in these shoes is comprised of different parts. The Bounce foam technology in the midsole imparts elasticity to the shoe even when high stress is applied. The midsole is also wider compared to any other shoes in the market. There is a large heel clip made of TPU plastic which ensures a secure heel lock.

The shoe upper is a seamless ForgedMesh material that ensures support and flexibility from the shoes. The sock-like construction of the tongue and heel collar offer a snug fit and the inner heel has stitched pockets that provide excellent grip.

One noteworthy drawback in these shoes is the breathability. With no proper airflow due to the upper design, moisture accumulation inside the shoes is one of the major concerns. Apart from that, the shoes hold up pretty well in regards to every feature for a training shoe.


  • Continental rubber outsole provide great traction
  • TPU plastic heel clip
  • ForgedMesh shoe upper material


  • Heavier than typical training shoes
  • Breathability is very minor
  • Lack of sufficient arch support
  • Width of outsole might create a few hazards in certain scenarios

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7. New Balance 608v5

New Balance Men's 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer Shoe, White/Navy, 10.5 4E USThe latest iteration of New Balance 608 comes with a whole lot of underfoot protection. The shoes deliver excellent performance whenever comfort, durability, supportiveness and stability are concerned. And when you look at the price tag, these shoes will feel like a bargain.

The slip-resistant rubber outsoles provide great traction and the rubber will not leave any scuff marks on the floor. At the forefoot area, two arrow-shaped flex grooves are present in the tread pattern which slightly increase the flexibility of the shoes and offers a natural stride as well.

The midsole consists of an Injection Molded EVA foam which offers excellent cushioning and balance. An internal PU shank is also featured which further increases the stability.

The leather upper gives a slightly retro vibe to the shoes and the dual density collar foam increases the comfort of the shoe when worn for long hours while training.

The laces, which might feel too long for some wearers, provide a secure fit to the top of the foot. The well-padded tongue feature an excellent mesh material that provides good breathability to the shoes.

Even though the shoes are not light, that will not matter for your workout routines. The shoes also come in three widths, so there won’t be any issues of narrow/small fit.

The ABZORB cushioning technology of midsole provides sufficient protection and shock absorption. With a fair amount of responsiveness and a sturdy upper, these shoes will hold up fairly well for a long time during your fitness exercises.


  • Slip-resistant outsole without any scruffing
  • Dual-density collar foam
  • Excellent for indoor training


  • Less flexible
  • Heavier than most counterparts
  • Insufficient breathability

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8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 15 Running ShoeThe new launch in the Wave Inspire line features a few improvements over the Inspire 14 edition. This stylist series of shoes offer good protection, breathability and durability which makes them ideal for indoor training regimen.

The outsole in these shoes is unchanged and feature the same blown rubber material combined with X10 technology that makes the shoes very responsive and durable. A few flex grooves on the outsole help to improve the traction on surfaces.

The midsole also remains the same. It uses Cloudwave technology which provides a smooth experience all the time. The midsole also offers an excellent heel to toe transition. With U4ic and U4icX foam compounds in the midsole, it helps to soften the back of the shoes.

The shoe upper has been changed from the previous model. The new engineered mesh upper has a toned-down aesthetic but provides a snug fit and is more breathable and lighter. The spacious toe box also helps to provide comfortable movements.

Even though these shoes are expensive and heavier than most other shoes, there are more positive aspects of the shoes than the negative ones. And with excellent protection, durability and less restrictions while moving, these shoes will definitely suit you for your training.


  • Blown rubber outsole with X10 technology
  • Arch support excellent for over-pronators
  • Great heel to toe transition


  • Feels heavy
  • High price tag
  • Less responsive

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These are some of the best shoes available right now for Oragetheory workouts. As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for shoes for the same workouts, the shoes listed above will serve you excellently. Having said that, new shoes arrive in the market every month and many shoes from a particular brand get updated as per the customer feedbacks. So, do not worry if you find a new version of the shoes mentioned above.

If you follow our suggestion about what you should look for in Orangetheory workout shoes, you can make your selections quite easily. If it doesn’t come to that, you can still buy the shoes recommended above and perform your fitness routine efficiently.

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