Sanita vs. Alegria vs. Dansko: What’s the Best?

When it comes to comfort and practicality, one of the shoes that shouldn’t be missed is “Clogs.”

In the past, clogs were used by farmers as well as factory and mine workers. They were known for their signature material, “wood,” which was integrated into the shoes’ aesthetic. However, beyond being the go-to footwear for protection against external elements, they are also deep-seethed in one’s cultural roots.

Today, clogs are often associated with certain professions, such as nurses, chefs, and construction workers. This is because clogs are comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off, and they offer good support for your feet.

Nurses in particular love clogs because they can be easily sterilized, and they’re also slip-resistant, which is important when you’re working long shifts on your feet. Chefs also appreciate the slip-resistant properties of clogs, as well as the fact that they’re easy to clean – two things that are essential in a professional kitchen.

Construction workers need shoes that are tough and durable, and clogs fit the bill. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and they’re also slip-resistant, which is important when you’re working on slippery surfaces.

Usually, clogs are classified into “Wooden Upper Clogs,” where the wood serves as a binder of the upper and lower parts of the shoes; “Wooden Soled Clogs,” the sole is the only part that is wood; and “Overshoes,” comprises of a sole made of wood that has straps on it.

Sanita, Alegria, and Dansko are famous providers of quality clogs. Each brand has its variations that render certain features that may not be or maybe the right choice for someone who’s in search of clogs. Below is an overview of what to expect and a comparison of the clogs from the said brands.


This brand originated in Europe and has been selling clogs since its inception in 1907. Sanita prides itself as a proud maker of handcrafted clogs that are made from genuine leather. Traditional cobblers craft Sanita’s clogs intricately.

Aesthetically, Sanita is comprised of different styles for men, women, and kids. The clogs are designed for either professional or casual use. Each footwear is accentuated with materials that render varying textures on the clogs’ overall look.  

Sanita’s clogs may include nubuck, Cabrio leather, suede, cow fur, embossed and plain leather. Take note that different materials require varying means of care. While the leather materials render less attention since they can be cleaned using cloth or cream, the other materials need specific cleaning tools. 

The nubuck and suede should be maintained with suede foam cleaner as well as a horsehair brush. Cow fur can be cleaned using a non-silicone waterproofing spray. The caveat in Sanita’s materials, though, is that they are “100% animal-friendly.”

In terms of wearability, Sanita’s clogs have ample room for toes, so you don’t need to worry about hurting them due to being cramped. The durable outsole of the clogs is shock-absorbing. 

There is also arch support that provides comfort during long walks. Sanita’s clogs are accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and have a seal of acceptance which means that the organization’s doctors recommend it.

A downside of Sanita’s clogs is its sizing. Since they are handcrafted, they’re bound to have slight discrepancies depending on their style. This meant that a person’s size in one style may not be the same as in the other. 

To ensure that it is snug-fit, the gap in-between the heel and the clog’s back part should be pinky-sized. The instep should be the place where your foot fits thoroughly. Thus, to see if the clogs fit well, it is recommended to try them on before buying.

However, for people who can’t do so, Sanita offers a dedicated customer service team online that helps with clogs selection or related concerns.

Apart from the brand’s online store, Sanita has physical stores across the United States (US). Their clogs have a  price point of $129 and above.

Their footwear can also be acquired for much lesser prices in their outlet stores, where they sell “factory seconds.” The said shoes have imperfections and have failed to meet Sanita’s standards for quality. They can still be worn as they commonly just have flaws like stains, blemishes, or other slight defects.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Shock-absorbing outsole
  • Has ample room for toes
  • Produced by an established brand
  • Can complement professional or casual style
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Materials are animal-friendly
  • APMA accredited
  • Handcrafted by traditional cobblers from Europe
  • Has outlet stores that offer discounted prices for footwear with slight flaws


  • Shoe size discrepancies may occur across styles due to handcraftsmanship
  • Can be pricey for some, with a minimum price of $129
  • Different materials used for clogs require varying means or specific cleaning tools


Based in California, Alegria by PG Light dipped into the clogs industry with their footwear earning the monicker “Happy Clogs.” Their clogs were dubbed as such due to their innate comfort feature.

The brand uses a “patented footbed design” that makes their clogs amiable for wearing even for an extended period of time. Said footbed design is comprised of cork, memory foam, and soft polyurethane.  Alegria’s signature footbed is also removable.

A disadvantage of the footbed is that it is not suitable for washing machines and dryers. They shouldn’t be wet with water.  Due to this nature, the footbed is meant to be replaced after a year of usage.

Meanwhile, Alegria’s clogs are also APMA accepted. They are made in China, where the clogs underwent extensive selection to ensure quality.

There are also many available clog styles made available for different industries.  Allegria is used by medical, culinary, hospitality, and teaching professionals. Due to the chic variations of the brand’s collection, its clogs also fit in as a fashion statement.

Alegria’s clogs with patent, full-grain and printed leather are maintained differently from each other. Patent leather has a shiny and high gloss finish which could be cleaned using a patent spray cleaner or soap as well as water.

The full-grain leather is smooth, durable, and strong which can be maintained either through a damp cloth or the application of leather crème.

Among Alegria’s clogs’ materials, their printed leather is revered as stylish as they’re commonly rendered with patterns through embossing. Moreover, it is easily cleaned by using a damp cloth.

On the side, Alegria also uses suede leather. The brand uses organic ones that are coated or treated to prolong their life. However, suede leather requires specific care as it is prone to color bleed or loss of color when exposed to water. It is recommended to use a brush to clean suede instead.

When it comes to price, the brand’s clogs can be bought from $129.95 to $139.95.  Customers can buy through Allegria’s website or walk-in in the brand’s stores in the US.


  • Comfortable 
  • AMPA accepted
  • Fashionable
  • Amiable for work wear usage due to its patented footbed design
  • Has a lot of variations from plain to printed styles
  • Most materials can be easily maintained


  • The footbed can’t be submerged in water and must be replaced after a year
  • Suede leather has the tendency to lose color
  •  Costs more than $100


Dabbling in the equestrian market was what it all took for Dansko to launch its clogs and the brand as a global footwear provider. Dansko has been around for more than 25 years and had continuously developed clogs into different variations. 

Apart from equestrians, it is now also crafted for chefs, nurses, doctors, educators, and for women’s fashionable pursuits. Dansko also crafts clogs that men and women with either narrow or wide feet can wear. 

The brand has a lot of styles that one can choose from. It has an extensive collection of clogs that have evolved from the traditional style to slip-on, Mary Janes, boots, and open or closed footwear. They come in a range of colors, patterns, and textures.    

The styles of Dansko clogs render certain features. They can be slip-resistant,  a wipe-clean style, has a removable footbed, with padded instep collar, comprise of the natural arch, EVA outsole, roomy reinforced toe, waterproof, or has leather sock liner with 6mm Energy Return PU.  Their heels are usually 1.7 inches to 2 inches. 

Clogs made by Dansko are APMA accredited as well. They are made to provide maximum comfort. This made it an amicable choice for workers who works long shifts.

To acquire the said clogs, they can be bought on the brand’s website and online retailers. Authentic Dansko clogs are priced at least $80 and can be as high as $180. A much cheaper alternative is buying at Dansko’s discounted stores that offer clogs with minor flaws.  

When it comes to cleaning, each of Dansko’s primary materials for its clogs’ finishes requires specific cleaning tools. The brand sells these such as footbed cleaner, leather creams, oiled leather restorer, shine sponge or shoe shine, and suede and nubuck spray. Like Alegria, Dansko is based in California.


  •  Trendy
  •  AMPA accepted
  • Provides comfortable for long wear
  • Can be used by people with narrow or wide foot
  • Has a lot of toe room
  • EVA outsole
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Padded instep collar
  • Natural arch
  • Cheaper compared to its competitors
  • Clogs with flaws can be bought for a discounted price 


  • Materials use specific cleaning tools
  • Since it can be bought online, there is a need to beware of possible fraudulent websites
  • Can be overwhelming for first-time clogs buyers due to the range of available styles

Sanita vs. Alegria vs. Dansko: Comparison

All of the three brands of clogs above are accredited by AMPA or recommended by the said association’s doctors. As such while they are all comfortable on the feet, said brands vary in terms of features.  They are usually remembered for their unique traits.

Primarily, Sanita’s clogs are handcrafted. Allegria is famous for its “Happy Clogs” with “patented footbed designs” that are made for long wear.  Dansko uses genuine leather and skillfully showcases different styles.

When it comes to design aesthetics, Dansko has the most variations available among the three. The brand has developed its clogs into styles that not only involve color and textures but also form.

Meanwhile, Alegria’s clogs are stylish since the brand uses embossing technology in its leather pattern designs. Most of the clogs produced by the brand can also be easily cleaned. The only material that Alegria uses that requires intensive care is its suede leather that though treated to last long, has the tendency to lose color if submerged in water.

Sanita uses a wide range of materials to render textures and designs in their clogs. Apart from leather they use suede, nubuck, and fur.  Though they look visually appealing, Sanita’s clogs require varying care means due to the nature of these materials.

In terms of price, Dansko sells the most affordable pair of clogs with a starting price of $80.  Both Alegria’s and Sanita’s clogs cost at least more than $100.  For the budget-conscious, though, the three brands have outlet stores that provide discounted prices for clogs that have minor flaws.

Apart from price, design, and materials, the wearability of the three brands is also a must note.  All of the brands have ample room for toes.

Sanita has arc support, is durable, and contains a shock-absorbing outsole. However, expect differences in sizing for various styles since the brand’s clogs are handmade.

Alegria uses its signature footbed, which can provide comfort to people working long hours however it can’t be subjected to water and should be changed after one year of usage.

Dansko has a lot of noteworthy characteristics. It expands across its clogs’ styles which can be chosen based on the preferred features of a customer. Among others, it has waterproof and slip-resistant traits.  It is also versatile as it can accommodate narrow or wide-foot wearers.


Overall, Sanita, Alegria, and Dansko are reliable as well as trusted makers of clogs. While they have similarities, each has distinct offerings to consumers.  It is notable though that Dansko has an edge against the two brands, in terms of affordable price and varying styles, and feet support features. 

On the side, Alegria is also a must consider with the brand’s trendy style and easy cleaning feature that is innate in most of its clogs.  Sanita is best for people who want to be comfortable in their footwear for lengthy hours of use.

In the end, what really matters is what is being sought for in a pair of clogs.  Some may want to be budget-friendly. Others may look for fashionable clogs. Whilst, there are also those whose primary concern is the durability or foot support that clogs can provide.

Clogs are best for anyone who wants comfort and quality. There may be a lot of choices in the market but don’t let them overwhelm you.  Next time you want to buy footwear, consider getting clogs from Sanita, Alegria, or Dansko.

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