What is the difference between oil-resistant and slip-resistant shoes?

I bet you have heard of non-slip shoes or slip-resistant shoes. They are basically shoes with specially-designed soles to add more friction between the soles and the underneath surface. What are specially-designed soles? Here’s a typical outsole of a classic Oxford lace-up shoe. And here are some specially-designed outsoles of slip-resistant shoes. You can see

Top 5 Restaurant Safety Tips

Working in a restaurant is always challenging. If you created a poll online asking which jobs are the most demanding, the chance is restaurant waiter and waitress should stand on top 5! Nonetheless, it is very likely to be one of the most common jobs. More than many people are working in restaurants. Are you

Different Types Of Foot (And How To Determine Yours?)

Each pair of feet varies in form, shape, and size. Sometimes, finding the right shoes can be tough work. Nowadays, a lot of people usually choose style over comfort, a common mistake, which can have negative impacts on the health conditions of the feet. A better understanding of your foot type will help you take

Different Types Of Foot Pain (And Relief Techniques)

The risk of getting foot aches has been higher than ever before during these recent years, latest statistics from American Podiatric Medical Association show that every 3 out of 4 people experience foot health problems at least once in life. In this post, we will provide an overall look to the most common types of

How To Make Your Shoes Non-Slip?

It can be dangerous to work in an environment like restaurants without a pair of non-slip shoes because the floor is usually soaked up in water. Well, it’s not always possible to watch every single step when you need to be on your feet all the time! It’s truly a pain in the neck. During