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About the site:

ShoesTracker.com is a blog which helps you to improve your foot health and find the right footwear for your feet. In Shoes Tracker, you will find blog posts about:

1. Guides On How to Find A Pair of Shoes that Suits Your Need

With each guide, we often spend 10+ hours of research about the topics, products, and real user experiences through articles, forums, social and reviews. Only after having a fullest view about the topic, we start to gather everything up and put them into one post, in which we also include why and how you should follow our recommendations.

Everyone’s demands are different so obviously, there’s no “best” choice for everyone. Being aware of this, firstly we find the most common problems that our readers have and then find the solution for each of them.

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2. Useful Tips and Practical Advice on Taking Care of Your Feet

Nowadays people are too busy to have time caring about their feet, when they feel something is wrong, it’s often too late. So we always remind our reader at the end of every blog post, remember to take care of your feet at least twice a week. That’s also the whole purpose of this blog, to help our readers form this good habit, because the risk of getting foot related problems is never higher than before.

These posts are our best focus because they give our readers the best values.

Follow this series about foot care and we promise to never let you down.

About the site’s owner:

Lilly Derrah is the chief editor and also the owner of ShoesTracker.com.

Her main job is leading the ShoesTracker team to continuously produce high quality content on foot health and shoes topic.  You will sometimes see her writings on other blogs, too, as writing has been Lilly’s biggest passion ever since college. Here are some of Lilly’s work:

You can read more about Lilly’s personal story and the reasons why she founded ShoesTracker in these interviews:

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