Different Types Of Shoes For Standing All Day

Choosing a new pair of shoes is considered to be time-consuming. Many people have claimed that it takes them a lot of time to figure out which types of shoes they want to buy. Nevertheless, it has not ever been easy to find a good pair of shoes that makes you feel comfortable.

There are so many types of shoes in the market. You might be surprised when you come to shoe stores. Footwear varies within many types, shapes, designs, features as well as prices. However, in regard to the kind of activity that you are doing, there are specific types of shoes for your demand.

How To Define Types Of Shoes?

There are many standards to break shoes into categories including features, shapes, and functions. For example, there are high heels, sneakers, trainers, clogs, etc. Basically, people can look for some specific types of shoes if they know what kind of activity they are going to do with the shoes.

Different types of activities require particular features on the shoes. For instance, there are walking shoes for people who do jogging. Meanwhile, there are running shoes, athletic shoe for people who do running. There are also shoes for people who stand all the day on their feet.

Standing on the foot for a long period of time does have a huge impact on foot health. You should not underestimate the influence of standing since it is considered to be less heavy than running or climbing. The key here is continuous prolonged periods of standing. If the situation keeps going and you need to stand from day to day, your foot might be in danger without a proper pair of shoes.

In categories of the best shoes for standing all the day, there are 5 main types of shoes which are frequently worn. These are clogs, crocs, tennis shoes and casual sneakers. Every single type of shoes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to find the best pair of shoes that meet your expectations, you should find out carefully about every single type of shoes.


Crocs have a simple design with an open and low heel feature. It is usually made out of solid foam resin material like EVA foam. This material is known to be absolute impact-absorption and maximize cushioning. Because of the made up material, the crocs are very comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

In some designs, croc’s close front has many tiny holes to enable air circulation. Therefore, crocs are extraordinarily breathable. Your foot is commonly swelling or tired by standing for a long period of time. Air flows in and out can help relax your foot somehow. However, crocs which are designed for nurses does not vents to protect their feet from spills and germs. Some crocs also come with strap design in the back of the shoes. The strap will tight your foot into the crocs and ensure you will not slip over the shoes.

In addition, crocs also have a high level of durability. Many people enjoy to wear them for different activities. Moreover, it is also considered to be fashionable. However, there are some health care centers which ban the use of crocs for safety reasons and require closed toed and heeled shoes.


Clogs are one of the most popular footwear for nurses. In comparison to crocs, clogs are designed with both closed toe and closed heel. Therefore, wearing clogs can help you be protected from all angles. There are some kinds of clogs that have quite similar design to crocs (opened heel with a strap). However, closed heeled clogs are more popular since it is more protective.

Clogs are especially suitable for people who need to stand all day long on concrete. It is made with consideration of slip resistance, water proof material, arch/ heel support. Clogs are made to relieve pressure from different points in your foot. The shoe’s shape is very spacious that when wearing you will totally feel comfortable.

Clogs are usually made from materials such as resin, leather, or suede. The material made up the shoes also defines some features including weight, stain resistance, and durability. Overall, clogs are comfortable, protective as well as supportive.

Tennis Shoes

For personal reference, tennis shoes is another alternative that people usually wear apart from clogs if they need to stand for a prolonged period of time. Tennis shoes is a balance between comfort and protection for those who work on the hard surface and need a lot of protection.

People who are required to stand for a long time usually work on the rough surface. If the ground is hard, there are more impacts stress on your foot than normal. Tennis shoes or running shoes with a high level of shock absorption is properly a good choice.

Athletic activity or running also requires good shock absorption. That is why tennis shoes are also suitable for nurses or restaurant workers. Most commonly, athletic shoes are also lightweight to maximize the productivity of athletes. Therefore, your foot will be a little bit ease from weight if you need to wear them for a long period of time.

There are also several of other features that are designed in tennis/ running shoes such as slip-on, soft outer sole, ankle support. Some people might choose to wear running shoes when they stand because they also do running and wearing running shoes make them feel familiar and comfortable.

Casual Sneakers

If the time you spend on your foot is not extremely long up to 12 hours a day, casual sneakers are good options for switching. Casual sneakers provide moderate support for a reasonable time of standing. Sneakers also have a good grip on the ground which prevents slipping over the floor. There are also slip on shoes which are preferred for its easy to slip on and slip off. Slip on or sneaker has flat but stable outer sole that ensures comfort and protection when wearing.

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