Things You Should Know About Shoes Size

To have the most comfort while wearing shoes, in addition to the quality of them, another important element that you should consider is the shoe size. Somebody make mistake as they think that wearing a pair of shoe just needs to have a good looking is enough, a bit looser or tighter than usual is no matter. In fact, that thinking will do harm on your feet, especially the toes and the soles are the most injured parts as they suffer the entire of your weight and are under pressure the most. So, choosing a proper shoe fit is very essential to save the feet from many ailments.

If you are confused of how to choose the right size for your feet, this article may give you some useful information.


Before choosing a pair of shoe, the first thing you ought to do is measuring the sizes of your feet as there is a basic rule of thumb that they will change when you are older. The most suitable time to do this is in the afternoon because after a day of movement a lot, your feet will be swollen the most, so, getting sizes at that time will help to avoid the unpleasant case that in the end of a day, you do not only feel tired but the feet will be narrow and pain in the shoes as well.


Another rule of thumb is that both feet of us do not have the same size because we will have a foot that is used more than another which is called the dominant foot. And this foot is also bigger as well so that you should measure both of your feet and get the biggest size.


You should limit the selection of shoes due to the size number on the shoe, but due to how fit of the shoe while you are trying it. Agree that the size number is the standard and used popularly. But depending on each manufacturer, the practical size of the shoe will change a little bit and that change will make your feet get looser or tighter while wearing the shoes.


Let’s choose a pair of shoes that have your foot shape.


While choosing, you need to keep in mind this thing: alongside the fitness, make sure that your toes have enough spaces to move inside the shoe conveniently. This part of your foot is very important as it helps to hold the balance while moving or standing but also it is very easy to get numbness.


Choose the shoes whose widest part fit with the ball of your foot the most.


If you try a pair of shoes and realize that they are too tight for your feet, the advice here is that you need to look for another size or the alternative shoes. Do not keep the hope that if you wear them usually, they will stretch and fit your feet. That never happens, but the pain for you.


In addition to the toes, you should pay attention to your heel while trying shoes. Choose the pair that can offer the most comfort to the heel and it must be free of slippery. A good pair for your heel is the one that holds the entire of the heel and cause no pain while walking or standing for a long time.


After choosing the right size, you should wear and walk around to test how fit and comfort of them.


Last but not least, you need to focus on the upper of the shoe. It must be made from soft and flexible material to create the good fit for your foot.


Making decision in choosing shoes is very important, not just due to its beauty or the quality, but the size is also an element that you need to care about. A pair of fit shoes on the one hand gives you the comfort while using it and on the other helps your feet avoid some common problems. Above are 10 tips about shoes size that you should keep in mind while looking for a suitable pair of shoes for your own.

  • Updated May 17, 2017
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