Top Reasons Why You Need Good Shoes For Standing All Day

Based on the nature of the work requirement, there are people who need to stand for a long period of time to work. The number of people who stand all the day for working is numerous. They are bank tellers, retailers, restaurant workers as well as nurses. Long working hours around 8 to 12 hours a day also contributes badly to the foot health.

Standing all the day at work is quite painful for your health and especially your feet. Prolonged periods of standing can cause serious problem to your foot health. It has been claimed that people who stand more than 5 hours a day on their feet are more likely to suffer from foot problems.

Why Is Shoes For Standing All Day Important?

There are many different types of shoes available in the market. The shoe features are various from each other. In addition, the price of shoes also varies from 15 dollars up to hundreds of dollars. However, not every kind of shoes will fit your foot.

Especially when talking about referable activity what you will do with the shoes, the characteristics of the activity is essentially important to consider. For example, people who want to buy trainers for running or jogging definitely look for a pair of shoes which is flexible and have a lot of arch supports. However, people who only do walking will look for a pair of shoes which is quite stable since the impact of walking is less heavy on the feet than that of running.

As a result, people who need to stand all the day should also have specific requirements on the features of the shoes. Wearing shoes which do not give support is nonsense. Moreover, shoes without supports can even hurt your foot. For instance, if you need to stand continuously prolonged periods of time in a poor support pair of shoes, you will definitely have pain in the back and your foot.

Standing all the day on foot is hard for your foot obviously. Therefore, pain is the common feeling that people in the mentioned working group usually experience from. Without a proper pair of shoes, you will not only your foot but also other parts of your body such as knees, ankles, hips, heels, etc.

On one hand, suffering from painful feeling is totally not comfortable. On the other hand, the symptom can lead to more serious foot problems. There are many problems associated with foot including blister, hammertoe, athlete’s foot, bunion, corns, and calluses.

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is significant importance to have a good pair of shoes for standing all day.

Apart from the shoes itself, you should also maintain good caring habit for your foot at home. Here are some tips for you to choose the right shoes for standing all the day.

Tips To Choose Shoes For Standing All Day

Avoid Ultra-lightweight Shoes: If you buy shoes for standing all the day, ultra-lightweight shoes is not what you properly look for. People who walk on their foot a lot need lightweight shoes to minimize the weight in their foot. However, the ultra-lightweight feature will have a trade off with durability which shoes for standing needs. Especially in case, the terrain you stand in is rough and tough, extremely lightweight shoes should be avoided.

Breathable Shoes: ‘All day’ means long standing time as well as long wearing period. Therefore, you need to wear shoes from the beginning of the shift to the end, which is pretty long. The breathable feature is considerable important for those who wear shoes for a long period of time. Your foot can be swelling and more tired if it is tight inside unbreathable shoes. A breathable feature of the shoes will enable air to flow in and out your foot to refresh your foot. If your foot and toes cannot breathe inside the shoes, your foot will become sweaty. In that case, you are more likely to develop problems with fungus and bacteria. In order to assist air circulation, you should look for a shoe which has small holes on top near the front.

Soft Pad: You should check the pad inside the shoes when shopping to make sure that it is made out of soft material. The hard pad will hurt the bottom of your foot when standing or moving for a long period of time. In some case, you can also add orthotics inside to support the bottom of your heels. There are shoes with removable footbeds to enable customize orthotics. Orthotics will give you extra support for all the day standing.

Low Heeled Shoes: Obviously high heel shoes are not suitable for standing all the day. High heel shoes put a lot of impacts and stresses on the ball of your foot. However, completely flat shoes is not also a good choice in this case. Shoes which is completely flat lacks of arch support when standing for a long period of time. Shoes with a low heel under 1 inches are better at support your arch in standing posture.

The shape of The Shoes: You should definitely avoid shoes with the thin pointed front. The shape looks nicer to women. However, tiny space in the toe box is not ideal for standing all the day. You need to give your toe enough space to move freely in order to reduce swelling and stress. The outer part of the shoes should also fit your foot shape to make you feel comfortable when standing. An ideal space for the toe box is 0.5 inches from the top of the biggest toe to the end of the shoes.

The outer sole of the shoes: People whose work require a long period of standing usually stand on the hard surface. The harder the surface is, the more stress is pressed on your foot. In order to reduce the impact on your foot and heel, you should look for shoes with adequate shock absorption and soft outer sole.

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