6 Professions That Hurt Your Feet The Most

Working all day long on your feet can really cause many injuries not only in your legs but also on the back and knees. Each year from all over the world, there are thousands of cases which are reported about work-related injuries and that number seems to be not stopping every day. Taking good care of the feet and legs can help you to protect and keep them healthy as well as comfortable. In this article, we will talk about the careers that need to care much for feet.

Almost the careers work on feet, but these are the most:

1. Teacher:

Due to the statistics, teacher is one of the most jobs that have to work very much on feet, average about 8 hours per day of teaching in the schools, colleges or university. During the class, they need to move around or stand for a long time due to the demanding profession such as giving a lecture, writing on the blackboard, etc.

Even though they can sit down whenever they feel tired but keeping working too much on feet will cause harm a lot on them. Tough surfaces like concrete and hard floor will cause pain after the prolonged standing – even that they are young and healthy teachers! Most complaints heard are uncomfortable, hurting feet and legs in addition to low back pain.

2. Worker:

There are more than 4.6 million Americans work in many retail stores in US. Obviously, the amount of workers in the world is more than that number very much. This leads to the factor that there are a lot of feet pains, joint issues and many other feet-related injuries. In their busy shift, they are not only standing on their feet but also keep walking around from the showroom to the warehouse to adapt some particular requirements.

Besides, due to the demand of the job, women who are required to wear high heels and that are much more terrible for their feet, especially under the ball of feet. We all know that wearing high heels is not good for the health of feet, but most of women still keep using them, perhaps because of the requirement of their jobs. And the near future is not difficult to see, they will get the pain back of legs, under the ball of feet as well as arch and heel.

Not only the workers in retail stores or showrooms but also with those who in the factories are all in the same case of feet pain. There are no questions about how hard of factory workers. Working in the standing position for about 8 hours per day in bad shoes will kill their feet day by day. Soreness, vesication, long standing pain, ingrown toenails and ligament harm are quick to bring up their unpleasant heads where real safety measures are not taken.

3. People working in health care

We usually think that health care is a good career that can give us a high salary. But an hour wage for about one hundred dollars may be used for buying medicals to make their feet more comfortable. Not only those who in the medical facilities but also doctors in dental clinics still have to suffer the foot pain of being standing for a long time to adapt their profession.


Nobody can deny how much time a nurse has to work on her feet 24/7. Average about 8 to 10 hours working but if there is an extra shift, they even have to live on their feet up to 12 hours. Thus, after a long day of pounding, you will suffer the pain across from heel to toe. If they do not have the suitable method to take care for feet, a lack of health is the evident truth.

When you still ignore those pains, how can you take care for your patients if you are not able to get to the feet? In fact, many nursing students on their very first day working are all excited but after one month into the careers, their feet already take the pain. And many cases reported that they have to off after that to heal their injured feet.

While you do not have many opportunities to rest during a shift, there are still some ways to protect feet from pain. The most common advice are to head to some specialized shoe stores and get a good pair of nursing shoes. This will not only heal your feet but keep them stay comfort all day long.

4. Chef and waiter:

When talking about cooks and restaurants, many people will think about delicious food dishes, the cooking skills but we do not know how hard of them. To make dozens of dishes and serve their guests, they have to stand on feet all day and if the chef and waiter are working on a famous restaurant, it means that they have to live on their feet without any chance to rest and relax the body. In many survey, among many cases related to injuries from work, a chef has a rather high percent. 7 in 10 chefs have the foot fatigue; perish pedal pain, so forth and so on.

5. Hairdresser:

Hairdressers are the social job as in addition to creating many beautiful hair style, they also have to keep their customer happy by chatting, being friendly and entertaining.  Hairdressers usually have to stand on their feet for a very long time to create their hair style carefully, this job requires the meticulousness and stand continuously. The most popular complaints of many hairdressers are foot pain and the high elevations of musculoskeletal points.

6. Guide

Imagine that you take your child to a museum or central park for a day and how exhausted of your feet and legs. However, how about the guide, especially for those who guide for a wilderness backpacking tour? Maybe they do not have to live on their feet all day but they have to suffer a heavy package on. How pain of their feet!

Caring for feet is never a superabundant job! Feet are where you work with the most all day so that to find out the way to keep them always feel comfortable and avoid injury is very essential, whether you are cooking at a restaurant, taking care for victims in a hospital, cutting hair in a salon or selling in a retail store

  • Updated October 31, 2017
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