Everything You Need To Know About Nike Slip Resistant Shoes

It has been a long day and all that you can think about is being at home and taking your shoes off. You are probably an athlete or a service industry worker. And if that’s the case, then you should be wondering if a pair of Nike slip-resistant shoes is suitable for you?

Why? Well, all of our weight rests on our feet. They are our greatest support during the day. And just like any other part of the body, they require specific attention and care.

Who should read this guide?

This guide is directed to people who require a safety workplace standard, such as restaurant or healthcare workers who can put themselves at risk if they don’t use slip-resistant shoes to prevent accidents on oily or wet floors.

And let’s not leave athletes out of the picture. They also need slip-resistant featured shoes for their daily tasks, especially for sports like basketball or running.

Why do you definitely need to get slip-resistant shoes?

Let’s start with the athletes. As fans and basketball players already know, liquid substances can be a big danger if they get on the court. Most of the shoes made for athletes that can be found on the market have many good characteristics, such as a good level of comfort and protecting the foot from high impacts. But still, they do not guarantee to work on wet floors. And let’s be honest no basketball player would like to ruin the season because of a bad injury.

Now, as a service industry worker, you should know all of the potential risks these work environments usually have. The bad news is that these risks are always going to be there, especially if we are talking about restaurants or kitchens where there are drinks and liquids nearby and a lot of objects on the way.

The SFM Risk Consultants have stated that choosing slip-resistant shoes is a highly preventive measure. Especially since selecting the appropriate footwear, unlike the other variants, is something that the employer and his workers can control.
Healthcare workers also require very specific clothing and footwear on daily basis. In fact, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a regulation about personal protective equipment. And its objective is to minimize the exposure to serious injuries since they are constantly in contact with chemical liquids and medical equipment.

Now, this regulation includes respiratory devices, protective clothing, safety glasses and shoes but there is NO specific standard when it comes to slip-resistant shoes.

What makes a shoe slip-resistant and what to consider when buying slip-resistant shoes?

First of all, let’s make something clear. Not every box that says slip-resistant shoe, contains a slip resistant shoe. So if you are interested in buying this product, you should be familiar with two things.

The structure and the material of the slip resistant shoe. Check what material was used to make the sole, you can ask the specialist or look over the internet. If the outsole is made of rubber, that guarantees better resistance to water and oil. Now, there is a myth that says if the shoe is hard and uncomfortable then is more resistant.

Not quite true. When it comes to slip-resistant shoes, the grip will be a lot better if the sole is soft.

Once you have checked on the material, it’s time to see the structure of the shoe. Slip resistant shoes definitely need an intertwined tread pattern that gives the liquid substances an escape route away from your feet. Also, keep in mind that if the tread of the shoe wears thin and loses effectiveness and resistance, it’s not slip-resistant “enough”.

Another important point is to do some research about slip-resistant shoe suppliers. Ask yourself what needs do you have at your workplace that have to be taken care of. Based on that, you can start looking for the specific shoe that matches your needs.

As a recommendation, visit the Shoesforcrews.com. They offer more than 100 slip-resistant footwear styles that may fit what you are looking for! (You can buy them on Amazon to support us!)

So, does Nike have slip-Resistant shoes? Are they worth buying?

Based on our experience, Nike shoes are often made for athletes. So if you are an athlete or a work-out person, Nike are definitely a great choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are a service industry worker or a healthcare professional you may want to look into some other brands. Why? Let’s see, workers have different needs in compare to athletes. They spend most of the day on their feet, going back and forth with very short breaks for them just to sit down. Actually, we have some suggestions for them that can provide that little touch of comfiness they need for their feet.

Let’s start with Skechers, who recently upgraded their shoe line. They offer this new slip resistant shoe called Skechers Go Walk 3, it’s lightweight and works great for the arch of the foot. Plus, they come in different styles which is very good option for a woman. In addition, this company has the Skechers Loving Life slip resistant shoes, these are just as great as the other ones, but they come in a more simple look.

Besides Skechers and ShoesForCrews, there are other good brands such as Dansko. Dansko is famous for their nursing shoes, which are very slip-resistant shoes with many original styles and colors to choose from.


Let’s not deny it, slip resistant shoes are a must for every athlete and worker. Why? Because your safety is always going to come first.

If you are going to buy slip-resistant shoes, remember two keywords. structure and material. If it has an intertwined tread pattern and is made of rubber, you are on the right track.

If you work standing on your feet all day, we encourage you to go for brands such as Skechers, Dansko, and ShoesForCrews. They provide slip-resistance and comfort, so you don’t hurt your feet.

And what about Nike slip-resistant shoes? Those are surely the right choice for the athletes.

Are there any other questions we left unanswered? Please, make sure to let us know about it in the comments section.

  • Updated May 20, 2017
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