10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women

Those who work in food service industry must be constantly walking and standing on the hard tile floors without a break for hours. What about you?

Do you want to serve with style and safety on the job?

Let’s take a look at some of the most comfortable server shoes out there:

Top 10 most comfortable server shoes

Top 5 picks for women

Selecting the right shoes is a crucial decision, not only for men but also women. Most restaurants own their dress code requirements that the servers should wear the non-slip waitress shoes or waiter shoes.

So I’m going to focus more on the top 5 shoes for those who work in the food service industry. Here are the best options to help you stand up the job:

1.  Skechers Ghenter-Bronaugh

This superb footwear has any top features that a minimalist can ever think of. Simple yet effective and absolutely affordable.

The Skechers’ popular Relaxed Fit design will make sure that your feet will be totally well-covered and relaxed at the same time. Some may have wide feet, some may have narrow ones, some have even stranger foot shapes. This design is meant to transform itself to your foot shape no matter how it looks like.

Made from fabric, the shoe is extremely lightweight and breathable. You can hear people say that “good shoes can make you feel as if you are wearing nothing”. This shoe can.

Featuring water- and stain-resistant upper, the shoe can survive well under water and any soft drinks like beer or soda. You can clean it easily after dropping such things. Nonetheless, you should clean the shoe and dry it soon because the drinks may contain sugar and other chemicals that may damage the shoe’s material.

The rubber slip-resistant outsole can truly help you stand firmly against any type of slip in a restaurant. There must be some reasons that I declare the Skechers Ghenter-Bronaugh the top: they saved me countless times from falling over. The sole just works perfectly.

The shock-absorbent midsole creates a top comfort to your feet, which is the must-have feature in shoes these days. It is undoubtedly good for your feet, especially if you have to stand for long hours in your shift. Memory foam insole adds more breathability with the cooling effect.

Without any sophisticated decorations, some people may not be into it. But I like that type of design, and I know that many other people also do. You cannot expect a better pair in term of effectiveness.

Pros - Comfy, lightweight and breathable Durable: water and stain resistant

- Above good slip resistant

- Relaxed Fit design for any foot shapes

Cons - Not very fashionable

- Lace-up style (some people may prefer slip-on style)

2. Skechers Sure Track Trickel 

You must love this footwear, especially when you have to work in the restaurant.

These are the most comfortable waitress shoes that will stop your heel pain and you will walk well again after many hours of standing. They run so true to the size, but on top of that, your feet can feel both comfort and safety protection.

Even though the shoes seem bulky at first; once putting them on, the shoes feel so light on the feet. This is why I do love how they feel on my feet.

But are these slip-resistant or not?

Yes, for sure, especially when their soles are so nice and thick at the same time. All of these elements are strong enough to convince you to wear them on the hard and slippery floors.

Well, it’s true that they might not look as stylish as I expected. To make up for that, the footwear helps you feel the most relaxing while you’re on the feet throughout the work shift.

Besides, if you’ve got wide feet, these are still helpful no matter what happens! Its soft rubber sole is one of the best things I should mention here – It works so well on the slippery surfaces. This will keep you from slipping.

As you see, it’s impossible to ask for a much better shoe to be on your feet like that for six hours per day!

But like other Skechers waitress shoes, these also have their own defects. They remain lacking the longevity and the water can easily seep through where the soles and upper area are glued together.

Pros - Comfy and lightweight

- Fit great and supportive

- Truly slip-resistant on the slippery floors

- Great arch support

Cons - Lack longevity

- Wear out a bit fast

3. Skechers Soft Stride-Softie

Here we come, leather. You can totally expect a prolonged durability from this shoe. If you are the type of server who runs back and forth all-day or super awkward (bless you), this is your choice.

The Skechers Soft Stride-Softie is not very different from its sister above. The biggest modification that Skechers did in this iconic duo is their material: fabric vs. leather. I believe everyone should buy both pairs as they will cover your needs at work.

This shoe is a little heavier but it is certainly not noticeable. You will still feel like air once you put the shoe on (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, a very light and soft pillow sounds more right). The Relaxed Fit design is also available, giving a lot of comfy space to your toes, waist and arch.

Besides a superior slip resistance, which is very necessary, shock-absorbing midsole and memory foam insole do the job at their finest. Your feet will be treated as a fragile patient in 8-to-10-hour shifts: they will be kept safe and comfortable. You can only be happy if your feet are happy.

The lace-up style is a drawback to some people. They usually believe that it will take them long to wear the shoe on. I don’t deny that but I’m seeing that Skechers are doing well to fix that problem. Padded collars, back sling and stretchable tongue can help out very well.

Pros - Comfy, lightweight and breathable

- Extended durability and protection: water and stain resistant leather

- Great slip resistant

- Relaxed Fit design for any foot shapes

Cons - A bit heavier compared to fabric

- Lace-up style (some people may prefer slip-on style)

4. Skechers Eldred

Budget pick

Skechers definitely dominate the top chart of work shoes. This is another very good alternative which can give a long-lasting comfort.

The most remarkable of the Skechers Eldred  is its bouncy and comfy soles. As its name has said: “Eldered” – the sole adds more bouncing force to your feet in order to help you move easily. If you find that you walk and run a bit too much at your workplace, this can help out greatly. And, it grips very well on slippery surfaces, even on icy grounds.

The shoe also bears the Relaxed Fit design, keeping your feet secure and feeling roomy. In addition, you can see that the collar is short but the tongue is extended, this is meant to keep your feet almost immune to the outer environment (but air – breathable). You can enjoy your day without worrying that your feet might get wet or dirty when any liquid or dirt find their way to the shoe’s inside.

Some people prefer using insoles because they find the shoe’s sole is not comfortable enough. Such insoles will be needless because this shoe sole is comfortable enough. Memory foam can fully adapt to your foot downside shape (it even follows your arch well) while the midsole, featuring shock-absorbent ability, guarantees a comfort for long hours.

Overall, the shoe is weightless and durable yet comfortable and secure. One small drawback of the shoe is its trivia design. But it does not really matter when considering its usefulness. And, you should check out its price for an even bigger surprise!

Pros - Comfy, very lightweight and breathable

- Water and stain resistant leather

- Good slip resistant (works well on ice)

- Relaxed Fit design for any foot shapes

Cons - Trivia design

- Lace-up style (some people may prefer slip-on style)

5. Crocs Mercy

Known as the big leader in casual footwear, Crocs is one of the best waitress shoes you can’t miss from the list today. It’s mainly contributed to the future of comfort, so their shoes are widely recognized by their super comfort and value.

But according to the users, though the Mercy model is claimed to feature the roomy fit, which means that they must be as wide as the original  Crocs.

These are not as wide as the previous ones. Therefore, you might feel uncomfortable when wearing them around your kitchen for the first time.

If that’s the case, then is there any good thing about the shoes? Take its heel strap for an example. This does an excellent job in keeping the feet in place whenever you walk.

However, it remains a great idea to wear your socks, and you must ensure them to be high enough to cover the heel.

Then how about their slip resistance? What if you spend several hours spending all day on the feet or have plantar fasciitis?

Crocs Mercy will help you without a doubt!

Pros - Fits great and comfortable to wear

- Ideal for serving and yard works

- Good for all-day wear

- Fantastic arch support

Cons - Not wide enough to wear

- Less arch support

6. Dansko Professional Clog

Now we’re moving to Dansko Professional Petrol, which is accepted by the APMA. This is often awarded to those of decent quality that can promote great foot health.

And I must admit that they’re an amazing brand to rely on, even I feel like running a marathon in these shoes.

There’s one thing for sure: They’re a must-have for a female who must be on her feet a lot. At first sight, though they’re the classic work clogs only, their shimmery coloring is exactly what makes them more elegant and cool-looking than ever.

What’s more?

As I often said, Dansko just fits true to size, so you just need a pair of thin socks for each shoe. Dansko fits well, but there would be some that seem tighter or looser based on the shape of the foot. In case you run into any issues, go for a Dansko alternative that’s even cheaper.

How about the comfort?

The clog has a nice toe box since it’s pretty roomy so that your feet don’t have to be compressed much inside. And your heel might slide, but won’t ever come out!

Lastly, I love this design of Dansko and the longevity it brings to me for daily wear. Nothing is better than this – Surely worth my investment!

Pros - Long-lasting to wear

- Helps with plantar fasciitis

- Easy to break in

- Looks cute in reality

Cons - Not soft enough

- A bit tight

7. Alegria Classic Clog

Are you ready to shine brightly in this traditional clog of  Algeria yet? Let’s set your feet in a leather upper area since this chic footwear is just great for females who love to look great and feel good.

The outside of the clog is believed to ease the step thanks to your removable interlocking footbed and the memory foam. Better than this, you can experience the superior arch support that is trusted to offer you a long-lasting comfort.

Aside from this, the shoe’s soft sole is given with a good amount of support that you no longer feel the plantar fasciitis at all. And if you have chronic back pain, then do these shoes fit you?

In this case, I can truthfully say that your pain will be much improved just by wearing them.

Meanwhile, the leather lining can make you look more professional and versatile on the job. The shoes are also claimed to last longer, and that’s just real!

So what are you still waiting?

Trust me, and slip on the Alegria – you won’t like to take them off at all!

Pros - Improve chronic back pain

- Highly comfortable and pretty-looking

- Good price and pretty versatile

- Not too heavy

Cons - Scuffing a bit on the toes

- The finish starts to come off

Top 5 picks for men

1. Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen

This shoe should be the top choice for not only servers. It can provide the best comfort and a very good ability to withstand any other jobs such as waiter, warehouse staff, driver or such.

Featuring durable synthetic upper with breathable mesh fabric panels, the shoe is totally fine in any indoor working environments. Furthermore, the upper is water- and stain-resistant, making it perfect for servers who are usually dealing with water and lots of soft drinks. Your shoes, and thus your feet, will not be damaged when you drop a considerable amount of such liquids on them.

The Relaxed Fit design will make sure your feet breathable yet secure. You can absolutely run around in a fast-paced restaurant but the shoe might slip out if you are carrying something very heavy (which is not the often case). So, overall, it works very well for servers.

Skechers has done a good job when featuring Memory foam (cushioned comfort insole) and FlexSole (lightweight shock-absorbent midsole) in this shoe. Those can totally keep your feet relaxed throughout your 10-hour shifts. Also, such comfort that the shoe brings is very suitable for anyone suffering from foot and back pain caused by neuropathy.

The rubber slip-resistant outsole is effective and durable. You can totally expect a lifespan of it up to 1 year. It will stay intact if you do not abuse the shoe (i.e. walk on/in an oily or hot environment, soak the shoe in a long time).
The shoe bears the slip-on style. With a great help from the dual-side elastic fabric panels, you can wear them on very quickly and easily.

Pros - Highly comfortable

- Simple yet decent looking

- Lightweight and handy

- Good slip resistance

Cons - Usually half size larger

2. Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fit

As you can ever expect from Skechers, this shoe is very comfortable. I strongly recommend this to ones who have to stand all day and may encounter slippery situations.

Though being stated that featuring the Relaxed Fit design, the shoe fits your foot tightly. Thus, breathability is not an advantage of it. Nevertheless, you can always order a half size or one size larger to fix the problem.
With extendedly high counter and tongue, the shoe can keep your feet secure even when you are wearing up to one size larger. Assuming that you are doing that, you can feel a space right in front of your toe which is much better than wearing your true size.

The sole is thick, durable and non-slip. With just a small improvement, which is a space in the arch part, the shoe can help you stand firmly on any slippery surfaces or even when you accidentally step on something.
Nonetheless, the sole is designed to ensure a long-lasting comfort. So, you can totally work through your long shifts with relaxed feet.

We tested the Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe in hospitals. It works very well. We believe it can also do its job perfectly when coming to any restaurants. The upper is water and stain-resistant leather, giving a great durability.

Pros - Great durability

- Good slip-resistant soles (works on slippery or round things)

- Acceptably comfortable

Cons - Might fit tightly

- Recommended choosing a half or one size larger for better comfort

3. Merrell Encore Gust

They’re probably the most easygoing pair of shoes with the highest comfort you should try at once! So what to expect more than that?

These best restaurant server shoes give you an ideal balance of sharp style and support no matter where you’re working. And thanks to its smooth leather upper area, you will look more professional on the job anytime.

And guess what?

Due to the slip-on design, the shoes provide a great fit to go anywhere you want. They always stay on the foot as long as you’re not joining a sprint.

But what I become more obsessed with this pair is how comfortable they feel, especially on the days when I’m right on my feet for 8 or 9 hours without sitting to relax.

Better than thought, my feet have never felt pain just like how I used to break in a new pair of shoes. On top of that, they won’t display any sign of wear and tear no matter what happens.

So I definitely recommend this product to you, just ensure that you can see what size you’re wearing at a local shop before booking online.

Watch out! It’s because your foot might spread a bit, but they’re still snug in your toe after all. This is why it’s not a big issue for you to send them back.

Pros - Extremely comfortable and durable

- Looks great and fits well

- Good slip on

- Has plenty of rooms for toes

Cons - A bit larger

- Too narrow

4. Skechers Sure Track Erath Athletic

Find only the tough work shoes, especially when you’re a server at a bustling restaurant and on the feet for too long! Believe it or not, the shoes let you stand all day without a moment sitting down.

Keep doing with them for the great traction to the slippery surfaces, so I hope that you’ll love wearing these best waiter shoes from the start.

Skechers never disappoint you since it has such a great non-slip soul that can help you walk in the kitchen. Besides, they’re mostly light, comfy, and less bulky than I’ve expected.

Maybe that because they’re lined with extra padding and having a relaxed fit to support your feet. Even when your feet feel a bit wide here, these are still snug, but very comfortable that you feel like wearing new shoes.

Their laces feel slightly short and you can see them clearly. The footwear arrives with a logo on the laces.

However, they’re quite easy to be cut off, but don’t worry! The shoes will definitely last longer than previous slip-resistant shoes. So if you’re a busy waitress or waiter, these are the best restaurant server shoes without a doubt!



  • Highly comfy and long lasting
  • Lightweight and good fit
  • Well-supported
  • Good slip resistance


  • Feet get hurt slightly by mid shift
  • The memory foam insert isn’t as cushiony as the last pair

5. Skechers Flex Advantage

How long does this pair hold up?

After a long time using it, you will see some minor wear inside the shoe, but it’s not really a big deal!

I’ve been putting them on for one week until now, and the first impression on this pair is quite breathable and lightweight. The memory foam is fixed to the shoes, so it’s not very easy to get rid of or substitute.

Like other comfortable waiter shoes, the tread pattern is quite good with an exterior that is in a great shape.

Besides, these shoes are oil and slip-resistant at the same time. Especially when you cook in a busy kitchen, these shoes still hold up well and are in great shape.

And if you pay a much closer attention, the shoes make a good suction sound that is very funny to hear.

What else?

They’re quite slip resistant as well when you tend to walk on wet floors in the eateries. The shoes are a great price though so I indeed recommend them to you – Just give them a shot and see how non-slip they are.

Pros - Avoids slips and falls

- Highly comfortable

- Durable and true to the size

- Good for the price

Cons - Not long lasting

- The insole lacks support

6. Crocs Unisex On The Clock

Will my shoes live up to the career requirements or not? Let the Crocs Unisex On The Clock Work Slip-On handle this! They’re mainly designed for workers who work in a restaurant, retail store, healthcare industry, and other highly demanding industries on your feet.

Like Bistro and Neria in the collection, this version features a much thicker construction that you can feel at your toes. Furthermore, they include the enhanced arch support and the nubbed foam footbeds for the best possible massaging effect with every step. Sounds great, right?

Better than this, it must be their all-day comfort, which starts with the Croslite foam base. If so, then how is it going?

The results are quite supportive and your steps feel the most fantastic than ever!

And you can feel the heart and soul of Crocs once putting their shoes on. It features an amazing material that is known as Croslite.

This is not rubber, but the foam resin made for comfort right from my secret recipe. It’s super soft, flexible, and extremely lightweight but also tough, which is why you don’t like to take them off during the work.

Pros - Comfy non-slip

- Good fit and never slide out in the back

- Great for the price

- Great cushioning

Cons - Way too big

- Not suitable attire for healthcare servers

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you buy new shoes?

How can you choose the right shoes for yourself?

Which shoes should you buy?

See our detailed FAQ below for a complete guide on buying new shoes.


When? How? Which?
  • When should I buy new shoes?
  • At what time of the day should I buy new shoes?
  • How do I choose the most suitable size?
  • Should I care about the shoes’ material?
  • What should I check when buying new shoes?
  • Which type of shoes should you choose?
  • Where can I find good sellers?
  • Do I really need special shoes such as oil-resistant or shock-absorbent ones?
  • But I don’t know which shoes are good?

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)


1. When should I buy new shoes?

When you find your current shoes do not serve you well enough. This means when:

  • Your shoes cause irritation or pain in your feet;
  • Your shoes are a bit tight or loose;
  • Your feet get wet or caught rash because the shoes are worn out;
  • Your shoes are slippery;
  • And such.

In general, when you find not comfortable anymore in your shoes, it’s time to buy new ones.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

2. At what time of the day should I buy new shoes?

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

But, it is strongly recommended for you to try new shoes in the afternoon. It’s the time when your feet stretch to it maximum extent after a long day standing, walking or running.

It might be the case that you bought your perfect shoes in the morning but you then found them a bit tight in the evening. Go shopping shoes in the afternoon right after work should fix it.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)


1. How do I choose the most suitable size?

It might be a bit tricky.

At first, consider trying new shoes in the afternoon when your feet reach their largest size in a day.

To know which size is right for you, consult the size chart of each seller. They have details for different foot length and width. If you have a strange foot shape, ask them, contact them by email or phone call, don’t be shy. Buying unusable shoes is the last thing you want.

Usually, you can only judge if the shoes fit you well after a while. So, you can buy a new pair after learning the size chart of manufacturers but pay attention for the next couple of days. You should wear them frequently and protect them well, let them transform as they must. After a few days, if they do not fit your feet, ask for a return in exchange for a larger/smaller size. Most sellers offer such service.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

2. Should I care about the shoes’ material?

Indeed, yes.

Pay attention to the material. Shoes are made from several different materials and each of those has its own properties. For example, leather shoes may become hard and inelastic if you mostly use them outdoor on sunny days; whereas, synthetic shoes usually shrink after some washes. All those characteristics can affect the so-called “suitable size.”

In addition, the material will have a huge impact on your feet comfort. Some are more protective; some are more breathable.

So, again, learn shoes’ characteristics on the seller’s site and consult them about the material that most suits you.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

3. What should I check when buying new shoes?

Apart from the shoes’ size and material that I just mentioned above, there are some more that you need to pay much attention to.

  1. The sole:
    • Hardness: Depending on the materials (wood, rubber, synthetic, etc.), the sole can be hard or soft. As if you are choosing the right pencil when drawing, choose the hardness that you will pay the least effort when walking.
    • Flatness: Some shoes are made with raised heels, some are made flat, you should choose one which fits the flatness of your feet, especially your arch.
    • Completion quality: Make sure that the midsole and outsole are well-attached to the insole as well as the sole to the upper. Good soles show no space between such parts and are shape-retaining when you try bending them in the up-down direction.
  2. The upper:
    • Material: As I said before, check if you are good with the material because it will certainly affect shoes’ size and transform in the future.
    • Linings: Make sure the linings are well-made and strong.
    • Completion quality: Overall, the upper should be fine. You should be acute and avoid any shoes having defective uppers.
  3. Any added-on features: Some shoes offer additional features like steel toe box or elastic added collars, double check if they work in case you need them for your own purposes.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)


1. Which type of shoes should you choose?

Though shoes can be categorised by a number of features, we mostly consider two types: conventional and non-slip shoes.

So which type should you choose? Well, non-lip ones.

Really, I do believe that everyone should wear non-slip shoes.

In that past, some more special jobs required you to work on slippery floors. Furthermore, such non-slip shoes or slip-resistant shoes were relatively more expensive than others mostly because it was difficult to create slip-resistant soles.

But now, things changed. Non-slip shoes are now much more common. And they are even made for many purposes: work in hospitals, restaurants, bars (clean and slippery floors), in gardens, on snowy grounds and so on. They are actually affordable for everyone now.

So why don’t you use non-slip shoes when they are superior?

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

2. Where can I find good sellers?

I honestly suggest two trustful sources: Amazon and the sellers’ official sites.

For Amazon, you should go through customers’ review carefully. Check if the seller is verified by Amazon and trusted by customers. Normally, it’s all good if other people bought from them and gave positive feedback (the more, the better).

For the sellers’ official sites, you can easily find them on the Internet. The sites should have the same name as the seller, typically. Take Skechers (one of the best non-slip shoe seller) for example, their official site is https://www.skechers.com.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

3. Do I really need special shoes such as oil-resistant or shock-absorbent ones?

It much depends on your working environment. But we strongly suggest you looking for the following properties: slip-resistant, water- and stain-resistant, shock-absorbent and reinforced toe box. Those should keep your feet secure and comfortable.

Say, if you are working in a factory, your footwear is likely to be exposed to oil then you should look for oil-resistant shoes. Be aware of the difference between shoes which have oil-resistant soles and oil-resistant shoes. Read more about it here What is the difference between oil-resistant and slip-resistant shoes?

Some other options that you may want to weigh up: weatherproof upper, water and debris auto-release soles, all-terrain slip-resistant soles.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!)

4. But I don’t know which shoes are good?

You do. Trust us.

You are here, on our site – one of the best sites giving you the top shoes.

Check out our collections, you will find unrivalled slip-resistant shoes for any jobs:


Are you a waiter?

If so, then you have to move around on your feet constantly all day long in a quick-paced environment! Don’t worry, choose any of my top 10 server work shoes above. They’re going to help you in the battle of offering comfort for your feet during the long working days. Simply find the right shoes that fit you the most, and ensure them to look or feel good on your working hours.



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