15 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots For Walking

Do you want to polish your outfit with the simple and cool cowboy boots?

Hey! You don’t have to be a real cowboy to wear them!

The boot is just ideal for walking purposes without damaging the heels.

Keep reading for a detailed look at the top 15 most comfortable cowboy boots for walking.

These are made for great comfort, and you can wear them for your whole work day or every occasion. After getting the boots, ensure that you put them on top of a smooth carpet to dodge damaging your soles.

Most comfortable cowboy boots for walking

It’s often crucial to be on the hunt for the most comfortable cowboy boots for walking! An ideal pair of boots is pretty difficult to find, but Ariat has successfully climbed to the top! It’s built to last long and made to work effectively.

7 comfortable men’s boots

1. Ariat Rambler

My pick
Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot 9.5 Outstanding

What’s your first impression about this pair of cowboy boots?

Well, you can feel that right there: They’re extremely well-made and comfy out of the box.

For that reason, I think they’re pretty good at holding up effectively. Just like Nike or Under Armour Running shoes, these fit perfectly. Each boot is built for riding and specially styled to meet every taste.

So if you’re looking an ideal choice for daily wear, this square-toe boot is the right one. It’s made from the decent and full-grain leather with a great look.

Better than this, the footwear gets unlined for greater flexibility and then outlined with a durable and flexible Duratread outsole. But what attracts me the most about this boot is the ATS technology composite fiber forked shank!

Such a feature can offer you a good support and stability as well as the gel-cushioned insole if you want extra comfort. Once putting them on, if they feel a bit narrow, or too tight on the top of your foot.

Simply take them into a shoe repair store, and let them stretch. Be patient and I’m sure that you’re going to love these boots!

With a bare-bones minimalist appearance, the boots can help polish any type of outfit you’re wearing. Try it for yourself and experience that after breaking in.

  • Highly comfortable
  • Good-quality leather
  • Fits well
  • Cool reverse stitching

  • Leather ripped from the back
  • A bit wide on the feet

2. Ariat Workhog

These Wide Square Toe boots are made from the high-quality leather with a great Goodyear Storm-welt construction. What is it?

It means the welt will be cemented and quickly stitched to the mid and outsoles of the boots. Also, they own a 6-row stitch pattern and one mesh lining together with a shock-absorption EVA midsole for your toe protection.

Try the great work of Ariat, then you would see how it owns a durable design with a full-grain leather upper region and Workhog style.

Not just that, but the stability chassis must be also the one encouraging the anatomically correct step. It provides you with a highly breathable for greater comfort on long days.

Guess what?

These can be seen as the most comfortable Western boots that I’ve ever put on. Both of the insoles and construction of the boots are just the best for the price! Give them a shot!

And you’ll see how durable they really are, and I don’t need to be anxious about scuffing the soles. You won’t be disappointed because Ariat boots are the best Westernized style boot.

But are these boots suitable for all sorts of surfaces?

Yes, they are! These boys can cling to almost everything. And they’re incapable of wearing the feet out while standing on the ladder for several hours per day.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Worth the price
  • Lightweight as the slippers

  • B002Q8HTK8 large
  • Stains easily

3. Ariat Heritage R

Take a great care of the boots, and then you can ensure to prolong the life of each Ariat boot. Be aware that some leather care products can change the color of the leather material.

I recommend that you need to test just a little portion of the boot, such as your inner ankle area before spraying the whole boot.

These are the great boots, and they’re trusted to hold up in an extended time. But what I’m impressed by the pair is how clean-looking the boots really are.

This is why the men’s Western boots are easy to polish and able to offer you a cool Western look you’ve always strived for. How about their soles?

They’re made of rubber that can help heal your feet and make them a bit similar to the slip-on walking shoes I’ve worked in the previous years.

As you know, some Ariats won’t own the classic J-toe cowboys, but they have a high-quality R-toe. It offers you a pointed look at the feet. However, they won’t cause the boots to be too bulky just like a few other toe styles.

Besides, the rubber can hold up quite well even as it rains, whereas the leather won’t. Therefore, in turn, you might not like to have the boots resoled most of the time.

  • Very comfy to wear
  • Great for the price
  • Good cushioning
  • Decent rubber bottoms

  • Hardly get the foot in
  • Not good stitching

4. Dan Post Milwaukee 13”

No matter if you decide to hit the countryside or the cityscape, the boot of Dan Post is one of the best ways to do it. It’s designed from the leather which is not just durable but also built to last long.

On top of that, this pair owns such a good-looking Western appeal. Let’s pull the tabs from each side of the shaft since they’re extremely handy.

Are they as comfy as the above boots?

Yes, why not?

This must be thanks to the cushioned insole that can guarantee your day-to-night comfort!

No doubt, it’s surely a great pair of boots that can be worn for your daily work with the formal pants or jeans. However, everything is great except one thing only.

Dan Post needs to place the liner or anything inside just to cover the stitched line of side seam as watched in the image.

The shoe is perfect, especially when the ladies conversion size is around 10 and a half. Better than this, they’re not heavy at all, so if you’ve got the slim legs, they appear so nice with the Cuban heel.

Try the pair right away, and you can see how the workmanship on the shoes are so lovely and elegant.

What’s else I love about them?

It would be the insole that is cushioned and the Mignon leather that is both soft and polished. Go to purchase them and feel free to wear them often.


  • Helps with foot pain
  • Stylish and comfy
  • Cushioned insoles
  • High-quality leather


  • The material starts peeling over time
  • A bit small

5. Laredo McComb

With the real styling and perfect fit in boots, Laredo’s men cowboy boots are built tough but then sleek enough to put on the whole day. They arrive in a bunch of styles that fit any taste in traditional and well-made boots.

Keep wearing this boot with the most intricate stitching while the other metal elements at your toe and heel could give you a beautiful shine.

These are the ideal ones that fit just right. As compared to the others, they’re of better quality with the thicker soles and the decent upper areas.

If looking closely, you can see some metal pieces built on the back of the top of your boot heel and the tip of the shoe sole. Probably these pieces could offer them a bit longer life and guard them against scuffing too much.

Trust me since you will never be let down, especially when they give you a great coat of polish so that you can wear them in rain, snow, and mud.

After getting them, it’s fine to soak them in warm water for 20 minutes before putting them on with two different layers or socks.

Simply wait for them to get dried, they will become quite comfy on the feet. But bear in mind that there’s no need to grab the gel inserts since the boots don’t need any added cushion.


  • Helps with foot pain
  • Stylish and comfy
  • Cushioned insoles
  • High-quality leather


  • Heel cap seems to fall off
  • The leather feels a bit hard

6. Guide Gear 12”

Do you want a taste of an authentic Western value?

Then seek nowhere else but the Guide Gear Men’s 12” cowboy boots. They’re decorated with stitches on the synthetic shaft, which is meant to add the cowboy flair to your boots.

Aside from that, the padded insole also adds a layer of cushioned comfort under your feet, with the 2” heel and rubber pad for greater durability.

I used to get these for a fast slip on or off boot for riding a motorbike. Thus, you can tell how comfortable they are, even when you’ve got the wide feet.

The entire fit is ideal (around 10.5 EE) and some users would claim them to be better than the pair of Justin Ropers. There’s no particular pinching of your toes, and the boots just come with the correct amount of support.

Also, the rubber heels pad your walking pretty well without showing any visible sign of wears. But when it comes to replacing the sole, you can stick to the wood.

The boots own an excellent leather inner pad without a feeling of nail or tack. For this reason, they’re completely comfortable whenever worn. Are you still skeptical?

Give these types of cowboy boots a try for yourself! And you will be pleasantly amazed at both of the quality and craftsmanship. So wear them all day at an economical price.


  • Solid and fit great
  • Worth the price
  • Easy to break in
  • Great quality


  • A bit tight and small
  • Slender in width

7. Old West Smooth

Unlike others, the Old West Cowboy boots are truly a big steal of the deal. They own a leather foot lying under the leather shaft and are decorated with many fancy stitching elements. They look quite nice and fit exactly as the brand claims, and even better. No issue area or scuff mark is found on them for sure.

The boots, which own the thick and athletic socks just fit ideally. They’re not just snug around your arch but also loose at your heel.

Besides, the insole feels extremely comfy, which is an essential element whenever you have any problem with your balls of feet. They feel pretty good on your feet; so far, I highly recommend these boots for your budget.

Are they snug for the first time wearing them? Yes, for sure! You can put them on for four days without feeling any irritation.

Let’s wear them for so many hours, or when you must be out in a rain for a while. Leave them dry overnight and then their leather can shrink back slightly.

It’s the leather which will get shaped to your own instep and arch at the same time. Wait for some more days, they will become the comfiest thing you’ve worn on the feet.

It’s true that you might sometimes feel hard on the side, but the boots are roomy enough for your thick socks to work well.


  • Great quality and price
  • Fits perfectly
  • Wonderfully comfy
  • Smart-looking


  • Slightly large
  • Soles feel a bit hard

5 comfortable women’s cowboy boots

1. West Blvd Miami

Are you in search of the chic women’s cowboy boots?

These Western shoes can satisfy that! They’re suitable for a casual dating, or a night out in town.

Better than thought, I like the fact that they’re not pointy in the toes just like most of the cowboy boots. The boots only own the rounded point with the perfect heel height.

Aside from that, the boots fit super loosey, but the only flaw here is that they seem a bit large to roll my ankles on at the times with your heels. At times, the heels of your boots make the whole clicking noises whenever you walk.

Will you go to the concert with a pair of cowboy boots?

If so, these boots are the best buy for the price since they fit the bill. Without a question, the boots stay so true to the size, and your feet won’t be hurt at all, so I recommend these to you.

Nice design is another great part of the cowboy boots, and guess what?

I feel so pleased to get another pair with a different shade.

Last but not least, the quality of the boots here will be as good as you expect. And even though they provide less arch support or padding, the boots can’t be as durable as other high-end ones.


  • Nice-looking boots
  • Feels good on the feet
  • Beautiful details
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Stitching is a bit off to the side
  • Feet have small blisters

2. DailyShoes Embroidered Legend

It’s time to invest in a brand new pair or one of the most comfortable cowboy boots! You might be seeking something that has a bit of the Western flair, right?

Then go for these cool cowboy boots, which are not only fun, fashionable but also affordable.

Still doubting?

Go ahead and try them out!

These boots are simply inspired by classic cowboy boot constructions, which offer them a special look that has hardly faded from the style. They’re mainly stitched to offer the boots a traditional pattern along the front of the boots.

Besides, the upper area owns a vintage shape with the contoured stitching, which naturally adds to the whole effect.

To complete the boots, the tops are extremely roomy, so it’s easy to put them on fast before you decide to hit the trails and head out on the date.

Feel free to pair them with anything you like, especially those skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. Believe it or not, no limit is set to how you style these fun and sexy boots.  

Looking inside, the pockets within the boots just come in handy as you hate carrying out a purse outside, or when you’re out to dance.

For this reason, if you’re considering these chic babies, let’s order one size bigger.


  • Rubber heel
  • Great color scheme and design
  • Hidden pockets inside
  • Great for safety and walking


  • The ankle has a weird fit
  • Bad smell

3. Refresh Wild-02 Mid Calf

You might ask something like “Should I buy this pair of boots or not?

Well, absolutely yes! There’s one thing for sure about these boots: The boots are amazing with a pair of skinny jeans and tights.

And the boots just go with almost everything in the super cute design, and an extremely soft design on the outside. Feel free to invest in the ankle socks with them, and you’ll see that they work perfectly with your outfit.

If you desire to get a pair, then there’s no need to raise in size but only put on thick socks with your boots. These boots are comfy, having such a nice lining, and fitting ideally.

Without a doubt, for both cost and look, there’s no way to go wrong. The shaft is also loose when wrapping around the leg. And the quality of these boots can exceed the price tag.

However, according to some users, there’s one thing they’re not satisfied with is when they feel so hard to get on and off. These are just polished enough for you to wear them to work with a pretty skirt, especially when they’re designed in a cowboy themed party.

But ensure to wear a pair of boots and don’t forget to add an insert into the feet if you want extra support.

And my only concern is that as soon as I wear them, the boots are super smooth and cozy. Try them for yourself, these are adorable and comfy with the heel that is wide enough for your feet to be stable.


  • Super comfy and cute
  • Feel good against the skin
  • Good for the price
  • Fit to a true size


  • The color is a bit lighter
  • The shaft is loose around the leg

4. Justin Boots 12”

Being built with the highest comfort technology, Justin Boots Women’s 12” Stampede Boot is exactly what you need. The leather is amazingly beautifully stitched and tooled overlays for a feminine appearance.

And if you’re looking for a tractioned technical Western rubber sole, this boot is as capable as it is cool-looking.

Such comfortable cowboy boots are crafted to perfection, and once using them, you can see a great combination of style and flexibility.

These leather boots show up with highly detailed shafts that are equipped with solid pull straps for easier wearing. They guarantee your utmost comfort and maintain the feet graceful even when you have to wear them for a long time.

But what I love the most about them is the elaborate detail on the boots and the rich finish.

Also, they own the removable orthotic inserts and stabilization tech. These boots are not just durable but also great-looking. They have amazing stitching and finely tooled overlays. This is why I claim their quality to be impeccable with the high-quality leather material.

These are the heaviest and thickest leather work boots, but the stitching is quite vibrant and eye-catching. Having them, you can go with both comfort and style – go to try them out and you’ll see it!

If you choose the brown color, then it tends to be much deeper and richer than the photo on Amazon has.


  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Great quality boots
  • Has a good grip
  • Nice design on the leather


  • A bit wide
  • Slightly heavy

5. Justin Boots Classic

Those boots are just ideal for those who love the country look, especially when they feature a gentle black leather foot under a well-stitched leather shaft.

Let’s keep it classic with such a classic boot from Justin Boots. The sleek leather upper area features such a Western detail while its J-Flex Comfort system can deliver a 21st-century comfort.

Try them at once and you’ll see how comfortable they are right out of the box, and they only ask you a bit of breaking in. Just wear them almost every weekend!

Though the feet might get tired a bit at the end of the day, the boots can handle a lot of your walking. For some people, it’s pretty hard for me to find boots that can fit their legs well due to their large calf muscles.

However, going with these cowboy boots for walking, you can see how they fit quite well. Watching them closely, there’s a leather outsole, which means that you can’t scuff the bottom up a bit since they would be a bit slippery. Invest in these with the great purpose of having the outsole glide across the floor more easily.

So are they comfy enough to wear?

Yes, why not?

I recommend these for hanging out, dancing, and dressing up without causing your feet to be fatigue.


  • Beautiful and comfortable
  • Great-quality design
  • Adorable style and color
  • Good fit


  • Big shaft
  • A bit different from the picture

Now it’s the turn of “snow boots” that can help you survive the winter in style! Let’s scroll down to view my top picks as below:

3 Most Popular Cowboy Boots To Grab In The Winter

1. Ariat Heritage Roughstock

For anyone who is drawn to freedom and independence, Ariat is for her or him! How come?

That’s because Ariat was born with only one basic objective. It’s also seen as the top performance footwear and clothing brand for athletes in the world.

Besides, this Roughstock footwear has the dura-tread soles and appear quite high-quality in construction.

Still doubtful?

Let’s examine every stitch an inch of the boots before you decide to wear them out. They offer you a bit break in and they simply feel awesome on your feet.

I’m telling you, these boots look chic and feel great the year round hanging out casual wear, and riding the bikes. Apart from these, is there anything about the boots you find interesting?

It should be their reinforced insteps! Better than this, they’re quite easy to pull on and take off. Once getting them, you will feel like them being right on top of the true foot size.

But you need to choose the suitable length and width, especially when there are so many choices to make out there.

And if you’re seeking the most comfortable cowboy boots that you can wear for dancing and be doing some serious work, then these boots are for you!.

Why wait? Do yourself a favor and you won’t be let down!


  • Wide square toe space
  • Super comfy for all-day wear
  • Easy to polish
  • Looks good


  • Slightly short
  • The vamp region is a bit snug

2. Ariat Sports Muddy River Suede

Does your son have wide feet? How about giving these a shot?

They’re leather so easily break in as well as look good with his outfit. The non-slip sole from each boot is perfect for not slipping in the back or when you stand in the wet areas.

Also, they’re the great boots overall when feeling extremely sturdy and nice looking.

Guess what?

The square toe fits your wide feet well, but when it comes to the arch support, I’m sure that they need more improvements.

But I admit that these are quite high quality and comfy, which means you don’t have to break them in at first. On top of these, the boots are also lightweight and appear nice at the same time. Feel free to use them whenever you go outside.

So far, the boots are still durable and slide on with ease. Sure enough, these boots do not disappoint my expectations. Though it feels a bit tight fit at first, especially when getting them on or off; after a few days of wear, the shoes feel perfect. They also come up with a fresh looking design with a great amount of heel.

Right out of the box, my first impression on them is how well-made and good-looking their leather is. And the stitching is just flawless. It might give you a bit stiff initially, but then the leather will relax your feet no matter if you walk or stand for hours.


  • Great-looking pair of boots
  • Highly comfortable
  • Non-skid sole
  • Fits nicely


  • Slightly small
  • A little bit stiff

3. Durango Rebel

You’ll fall in love with these boots as it comes to the red and white sole on the bottom of these. They apparently own a clear sole that can make the colors stay true.

And you could not be happier with the way they look. It’s covered when you walk but then peeks out when you sit down…

After all, if you’re looking for the comfy and good-looking boots, then these square toe boot could give your toes more wiggling rooms. And know what?

They’ve got the most interesting-looking sole with wide and red stripes. Looking inside, you’ll see they’re lined and having a thick heel that can help absorb shock to the heel when you walk.

What’s more?

The boots feel pretty lightweight and can hold up well so far. And the upper area is extremely soft. Wear them and you might receive a lot of compliments on the looks. Feel free to put them on all day without thinking twice about it.

The width is good and the boot is light, but more than this, your step will be smoother and requiring little time to break in. But there’s one issue with these boots: they have a rubber sole, but the traction is just average


  • Pretty red and white sole
  • Stylish and comfy to wear
  • Highly durable
  • Grippy and versatile


  • A bit tight instep  
  • The leather feels slightly soft

What to look for when choosing comfortable cowboy boots for walking?


Look straight down at your feet while wearing the boots and standing. If you find it a bit snug, you can see the stitching on the outsole of your cowboy boot on one side. If not, then you need a pair with a wider width.


Choose a pair of exotic cowboy boots that are made of the full-grain leather, or a more excellent kind of leather. The high-end leather would help take your cowboy boots to the next level.

Toe box

While shopping a new pair of most comfortable cowboy boots, you might come across two different kinds. The first ones are the round models with a pointed nose. And the second ones are the square toe models. Get the first type if you have narrow feet, and the second one if you own wide feet.


Before determining to get a new boot, ensure them to improve your whole look. Consider any decoration and fitting that match your style. If you have a short body, then the tall boots won’t serve you quite well.


Do you have a physically demanding job? It’s a must-do to invest in a pair of boots that can offer enough protection and functionality. Among these 15 most comfortable cowboy boots, which one will be the best catering to your shoe needs? Let’s consider each option above carefully before making the final decision.

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