Why Do I Have Itchy Feet After Shower

Having itchy feet after shower is a very common problem, having come across a lot of queries from people present at various fora, I thought that I should give this problem a look, so as to debunk any mystery that has propounded over word of mouth.

Do you experience a tingling sensation in your feet after taking a shower? Which gradually goes on to become a marked desire to itch vehemently? There are various reasons for it, we will tackle them one by one.

A Hot Shower

A hot shower may well be the initial culprit, as the temperature has started rising to unprecedented degrees, our feet have become more prone to dampness and bouts of dryness.

If your feet are put under hot shower they may create an uneven soreness, or may even result in the puffing of the feet. When you come back from carrying out any arduous task, you would be drenched with sweat, taking a bath at that moment may result in itchy feet.

Remedy: Before taking a bath make sure that you wipe yourself clean off any dampness using a neat towel, try and reach the inner lining of the toe, the crevices of the foot etc. You have to absolutely be sure that there is NO moisture whatsoever on your feet.

Unclean Bathroom Tiles

Taking a bath in your bathroom doesn’t amount to “cleaning” of your tiles, it should be done meticulously using a disinfectant that comes from a brand of repute.

You have to ascertain that the tiles are squeaky clean, using a bathroom cleaner at the first go than using a disinfectant to lay to waste any remaining bacteria.

This prevents any bacteria from sticking to your feet, causing that undue irritation and the burning tendency to itch.

Solution: Clean your bathroom at least twice every week, make sure it’s squeaky clean so as to prevent any bacteria from taking shelter in your bathroom and then onwards into your feet!

A good disinfectant that you could possibly buy would be the Clorox disinfecting bathroom cleaner, available in the spray bottle variety, cutting out your task and making it easier!

Athletes Foot

Tinea Pedis, a fungus is a cause for athlete’s feet. It is a type of illness that as the name suggests is usually seen in athletes.

Since the athletes have to work in insalubrious environments, wherein their feet are under constant and incessant moisturization that may result in the development of the particular fungi.

It could also be a direct result of using public toilets, sharing one’s contaminated shoe’s and wearing tight to the fit kind of shoes.

The easiest to grasp symptoms of athlete’s foot are a perpetual urge to itch and a remarkable soreness under the feet.

Remedy: Try to avoid unhygienic public bathrooms like the plague, consult a dermatologist if the problem persists.


A lot of people suffering from diabetes tend to have itching under their feet, especially during the thick of the night.

Consulting your dietician and an esteemed dermatologist seems like the viable actions.

Fungi Infections

There is a possibility that due to living a life sans bathing, you may have developed what in scientific terms is called a “fungal infection”.

OR even if you are the one who baths daily, you could have gone trekking in the forest and unknowingly stepped on a plant that may be the reason behind the growth of fungi on your feet.

Remedy: Using an anti-fungal spray or cream, putting it on for the duration of the itch and stopping your ever present tendency to itch from bearing fruit. You could try the antifungal treatment powder by Zeabsorb.


A common problem in women during pregnancy, and could be attributed to the enlargement of the uterus under the pregnant state, it is a medical condition going by the name of Pruritic Urticarial Papules of Pregnancy (PUPP).

Even if this is a common occurrence amongst pregnant women, it shouldn’t be easily overlooked, as it could also have dire consequences attached to it. Some of them being maternal or fetal hemorrhage, premature labor pain, and stillbirth.

Our Tips: Proper care of the mother should be taken in such a state, understanding that comfort is tantamount to the birth of a healthy baby. If the itching shows signs of extensive growth rather than abatement than a gynecologist should be consulted at the earliest.


Getting itchy feet after shower, although being a common occurrence, could be attributed to varied reasons, the likelihood of such an event happening has been proven to be quite high.

And, so to ascertain that you don’t fall prey to incessant itching, that may completely destroy your peace of mind, it is desirable that you follow the below-mentioned points.

  1. Try to avoid taking hot baths after exercising, prefer cold water baths after exercising that too after cleaning your feet properly of any undue moisture content
  2. If the itching is a result of fungal infection, be sure to apply an anti-fungal cream from a major brand, like the one from Zeabosrb.
  3. To prevent a condition like athletes’ feet from happening, avoid going to public bathrooms altogether and start wearing comfortable fit shoes.

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