How To Relieve Foot Pain From Standing All Day

I believe, to some people - especially those who have to stand and walk continuously for more than 8 hours or up to 15 hours a day (such as nurses, cashiers and traffic cops, postal workers, waiter/waitress…), one of the best moment they have ever had is when they take off their shoes, let their sore and tired feet having “the first” relaxing bit after “a long time”.

Here are some simple ways that you could do by yourself at home to provide your feet better treatment and also could avoid having future foot problems related to foot and legs.

1. Soothe with foot soaks

One of the easiest care you could do for your foot is soaking them in a suitable bath which not only brings the comfort (yes, the moment you soak them in…) but also eases the muscle tension, pain, swelling and reduce the odor (if any). There are somewhat 3 most popular and easiest homemade Foot Soaks:

1a. Salt/Epsom salt:

Have no doubt that this is the perfect choice to those who have limited time or don't want to put so much effort to make foot bath. It’s extremely quick and easy to make this type of soak by combining a half cup of sea salt or Epsom salt with warm water (at a temperature that suits you). This is a ready-to-use mixture that you can create within 1 minute at home without using any complicated ingredients or preparation.

1b. Lavender foot soak.

Lavender soak is basically what you could add-on from salt/Epsom soak above but instead of a half cup of sea/Epsom salt, you only need a quarter of it mixed with 4 to 5 liter of warm water and 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a popular ingredient that could be bought easily from any oil store with the volume of 10ml or more. This foot soak’s aroma not only soothe your foot but also ease your mind.

1c. Lime and Mint foot soak.

To make lime and mint foot soak, you might need more ingredients as well as more effort and a little more time to mix it. So what will you prepare? It includes: 2 cups of Epsom salt, a half cup of baking soda, zest of one lime, 3 or 4 drops lime essential oil and 3 or 4 drops of peppermint essential oil. All you need to do is stirring them together until it’s combined thoroughly.Giving more is getting more. This mix helps soften you foot skin, remove dead cells and rough calluses, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal. Storing this foot soak in the fridge could also keeping it longer for many times usage.

2. Practice/ Stretch your muscles

It’s even better if after relaxing your feet with a soak, you take some time to stretch the muscle.There are 3 daily basic moves you could do daily within 15 minutes to sooth your feet.

  1. Sit on the floor facing the wall and put your legs straight forward which allow your soles flat against the wall (parallel) in one minute. (You could also combine this with bending back and forward to stretch and lengthen your calf muscles and hamstrings.
  2. Put one leg forward and one leg behind then tuck the behind leg under to let the tops of those toes touch the floor. After you feel the stretch enough, just simple with feet.
  3. Sit and cross one leg over the other (keep this one’s ankle on the other’s thigh). Then weaving the fingers (opposite hand) through the toes to separate them and spreading them wide.

It’s highly recommended to make a circuit of doing this 3 times per move with around 1 minute for each.

3. Massage:

Foot massage is something you could also do by yourself at home to provide foot a better treatment. Many people give themselves a foot massage just by gently thumb pressure to any sore areas of their feet. You could do that but could also search for some video on youtube on how to deliver it in a right way.Below is a good example of foot massage for moms-to-be but it’s definitely good to anyone who has sore and tired foot too (especially good for those who are obesity or overweight).

4. Other treatments:

To those having hard sore foot, it’s better to consider having conservative treatment or trying acupuncture. Get a therapist to provide your foot and calf a massage to reduce muscle tension and inflammation as well as break down scar tissue and promote better blood flow.

Also, you definitely want to wear comfortable shoes while at work, this will save a lot of your effort in taking care of your feet at the end of the day. 

Check out our best shoes for standing all day buying guide to find the most suitable work shoes for your feet.

Painful feet is annoying, so considering to sooth them at home or by professional treatments is worth trying.

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