Homemade Foot Scrub Recipes To Pamper Your Feet

In the last post we have compiled a list of five simple homemade foot soak recipes and promised to write another list with more complicated ingredients. It’s always helpful to pocket a few different recipes just in case you want to give your feet some more caring; your tired feet never get enough pampering, right? Therefore, we have came up with another list of homemade foot scrub, also consists of five recipes, however, this time more complicated to prepare and more effective for your feet.

Honey, Lemon and Apple Vinegar Foot Soak


– A pedicure bowl

– Hot/ warm water

– One and a half cup of honey

– One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

– One lemon (sliced)

– Small stones (can be used to massage)

This recipe makes a perfect soothing foot soak for those who wear heels extensively. Honey can be used to retain moisture, which could soften the heels and also reduce swollen. Apple cider vinegar has anti- bacterial and can also help relax your feet muscles. Lemon has enough acid to remove dry dead skin cells.

For this foot soak, make sure you soak for about 30 minutes and finish up with any type of non-fragrance moisturizer.

Stress Relieving Foot Soak

The name reveals it all! The ingredients in this foot soak can be used as a type of detox. It can also relieve headaches, take away all the stress.


– One cup of Epsom salt

– One cup of sea salt

– Two cups of baking soda

– 15 drops of essential oil(s)

– Hot/ warm water

Recommended oils are peppermint, lavender, and lime. These oils can invigorate, relieve stress, and aid sleeping.

Aching Feet Homemade Foot Scrub

Let’s be more specific about using essential oils. Different types of oil can cure different feet ailment. Some of the most common and effective oils used are peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil.

Peppermint oil has a refreshing aroma and can reduce fatigue and swollen.

Eucalyptus oil is a type of common massage oils, distinguishable by its invigorating aroma; known to relieve muscle and join pain.

Rosemary is a natural herb that can soften and revive the skin.


– Two drops of Peppermint oil

– Two drops of Eucalyptus oil

– Two drops of Lavender oil

– Two drops of Rosemary oil

– Two tablespoons of sea salt

– Warm water

– Soak for 20 minutes

Reduce Foot Odor Soak

Some people sweat more extensively than others and sometimes wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause a strong unpleasant odor. Luckily, there are ingredients that can cure this. This soak is made specifically for that purpose.


– Half a lemon

– Three drops of cypress oil

– Two drops of sage oil

– A gallon of warm water

Cypress oil is a natural deodorant that is used to combat respiratory problems.

Sage oil is a type of herb that can be used as an antiseptic, anti-fugal, and treat arthritis.

Lemon has always been a common ingredient in cleaning (beauty) products.

Soaking for 20 minutes in this mixture regularly can reduce/ remove foot odor.

Listerine Foot Soak Recipe

This foot soak is a “trick” that a lot of women have tried and recommended. Cracked heel is a common problem among many people.  Wearing flip-flop all the time, living in hot and dry or cold places, and going barefoot are some reasons that cause this problem.


– One-fourth cup of Listerine

– One-fourth cup of vinegar

– One half cup of warm water

Soak for 20 minutes in this recipe and it will strip off all the dry dead skin.

And that’s our list of five recipes for DIY foot soak; make sure to try at least one of them this weekend!

  • Updated October 31, 2017
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