The Essential Guidelines To Choose Shoes For Standing All Day

It is quite challenging when coming to choosing a comfortable pair of shoes. In order to find out the pair of shoes that makes you feel comfortable, you need to know about your own foot and shoe features. For different types of activities, there is a different requirement for specific types of shoes.

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can lead to the serious problem of your feet. Furthermore, other parts of the body such as leg, ankles, knee, backbones as well as hips can also be negatively affected by a non-supporting pair of shoes. More often people experience painful, itchy and uncomfortable in their foot.

Especially those people who stand on their feet for prolonged periods, they often suffer from swelling feet as well as pain in the backbone. There are several diseases and problems associated with foot such as hammertoes, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, and calluses. In order to maintain the good status of foot health, you should have whether good caring habit or a good pair of shoes.

Who should have shoes for standing all the day?

There are many people who are required to stand on their feet all day long. The people usually belong to the group of restaurant workers, nurses, bank tellers or retailers. Not only do they need to stand for a long period of time but they also stand on the hard surface of the concrete.

In addition, people who are on the mentioned working group are also often on the long working shift from 8 to 12 hours. A study has shown that people who stand on their feet for more than 5 hours are more likely to develop foot problem. Accordantly, without a proper pair of shoes, these people are easy to face the risk of foot problem.

What To Avoid On Shoes For Standing All The Day?

First of all, it is obvious that high heel is not a proper footwear for standing for a long period of time. Since the heel part is higher than normal, your foot is stressed more from the weight of the body. In workplaces such as restaurants or hospitals, high heel is forbidden in regard to wearing regulation. Shoes with a heel under 2 inches are a better option in this case.

As you need to stand all day long, you properly want to have shoes with good cushioning and support. Therefore, you should avoid shoes with thin soles. Shoes with thicker soles provide more support for the foot and more cushion on the sole.

Now it comes to wrong fitting shoes that you definitely need to avoid. Too loose or too tight shoes leads to less mobility in moving. As a result, your productivity as work is reduced. Moreover, wearing a wrong fitting pair of shoes can lead to foot problems such as hammertoes, bunions, blisters as well as small injuries.

Finally, shoes which are used for a long period of time should be replaced. After around 400 miles of walking, your shoes gradually lose its support and cushioning. For that reason, you should look for a new pair of shoes since your foot is not protected anymore.

Features Of Good Shoes For Standing All Day

In comparison to running or jogging, standing is a less heavy kind of activity. It also has less impact on your foot as well. However, in the case of continuous prolonged periods of standing, your foot is swelling and tired a lot. Therefore, you need a pair of shoes with extra cushioning in the sole.

Shoes with thick and firm soles are what you actually should look for. Shoes with this feature can provide you with great arch support. Therefore, you can stand for long period of time without feeling tired on your feet. As a suggestion, you can look for sneakers or tennis shoes. In order to check the flexibility of the shoes, you can bend it to check. Good shoes should bend under the ball of the foot.

In regard to arch support, you should know your foot type yourself first in order to find the proper pair of shoes. There are three main kinds including medium, low and high arch type. With different types of foot arch, you might need different additional features on the shoes. You can figure out your arch type by the so-called ‘wet test’ (looking at your footprint) or ask the consultants in the store or your doctor.

Shock absorption is another important feature of good shoes for standing all day on concrete. As you stand for a prolonged period of time, your feet receives more impact from your body than normally. Without good shock absorption, your feet will be swelling after 2 or 3 hours of standing.

In term of outsole where the shoes make contact with the ground, the outsole must be stable and flexible. If the material making up the outsole is too hard, your foot can be hurt. One of the highlight features that the shoes should have is slipping resistance. In workplaces such as health center or restaurant, the floor can be dangerous if shoes do not support slip resistance. In accordance, you can slip over the floor and have such injuries.

The toe box of standing-all-day footwear should be wide and long enough for the toe to move freely. The ideal toe box should be around 0.5 inches. Space is properly enough for your foot to feel comfortable. The upper area of the shoes should also make of good material to maintain good feeling towards your foot. The length of the shoes should be one thumb longer from your big toes.

Finally, to add extra support to your shoes, you can add customize orthotics. There are many different types of shoe inserts that are available to purchase separately. Some shoes even come with removable footbeds to make room for shoe inserts. Good customize orthotic can be expensive, however, it adds more needed supports for your foot. You can consult doctors for the suitable orthotics.

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