How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Feet

Summer is always a good time for wonderful outdoor activities but for many people, they are bad days because of their feet. Summer comes with many foot health issues. However, you can stop these inconvenient things by following my advices and you can enjoy your summer to the full.

1. Soaking your feet with warm water

As you might know, green tea is really good for your health. It is also good for those who are owning sweaty feet. Soaking your feet with warm green tea water is a good way to reduce sweat on your feet.

2. Using sweat spongy

Sweaty legs make other people uncomfortable by their bad smells. You can use sweat spongy made of coal or absorbent materials. Put them inside your socks to avoid sweat and bad odors.

3. Spraying soda powder or alcohol in the shoes

This is one of best ways to get rid of sweaty feet. You can put soda powder and remove it next morning or you can spray alcohol inside the shoes or around the soles. You don’t need to worry about the alcohol smell in the shoes because the alcohol is easily evaporated. Then your shoes avoid bacteria or molds.

What Should You Eat To Avoid Sweaty Feet?

1. Staying away from these foods

  • Garlic: This is the top food which sweat infected people should avoid. Garlic contains sulfur compounds. When you enjoy it, it is converted into methyl sulfide. This substance isn’t digested but it comes through the blood which then brings to lung, skin and eventually excreted. Garlic makes not only your breath have bad smell but also your feet sweat have extremely unpleasant odor.
  • Onions: Depending on the consumption of onion, you will release sweat more or less. The pungent and spicy of onion increase the body temperature and cause sweating. So if you consume a lot of onion, your feet will have more sweat.
  • Caffeine: this is one of the substances found in coffee, tea, cola and cacao…This is also the stimulant that increases blood pressure, increases blood circulation and heart rate. The human body is like a machine that operates at a certain temperature. When parts of your body increase the speed, you will feel hotter and release more sweat.
  • Spicy foods: The spicy foods helps boost the metabolism, making the body heat up and causing bad smell on your feet. For examples, alcohol eliminates water from your body. After some time, the alcohol makes the body temperature increase and release sweat.

2. What should you eat?

  • Drinking a lot of water: Many people think that drinking lots of water makes them release more sweat. However, the fact that drinking cold water reduces body temperature and avoid sweating. Therefore, those who have sweaty feet should drink enough 8 glasses of water to help your body healthier.
  • Drinking tea: the tea contains high level of tannic acid ( a natural astringent). Drinking tea, even hot tea will put a natural sweat retardant into your body. You should drink two glasses of tea a day to get the best performance.
  • Fruits: Fresh fruits help enhance your health and avoid sweaty feet. Fruits contain 80% of water so they help cool your body and limit perspiration. Four servings of fruits per day will reduce the process of sweating.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil helps your digestive system operation more efficiently, allowing it to generate less heat. Olive oil is a healthy fat that helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. These two factors will also reduce the sweat from your feet.
  • Grain cereals: The grain cereals contain large amounts of vitamin b1 that helps your body have effective functions, reduce body heat consumption and decrease feet sweat.
  • Also there are some foods rich in vitamin B such as fish, egg, meat, butter, peas, sweet potato and carrot….that help avoid feet perspiration.
  • Calcium and Magnesium: Calcium and Magnesium help your body deal with stress and anxiety which prevents sweating. Some foods are rich in calcium like orange juice, yogurt, cheese, spinach and bean…

The tips above are good ways to curb feet perspiration. Adherence to these diet principles combined with herbal medication and exercise rapidly improves the sweaty feet.


  • Updated May 17, 2017
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