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17 Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day 2017

Last Update 10/4/2017How can I possibly find the best shoes for work? That is, with no doubt, one of the most popular questions among those who work for long hours standing on their feet.To answer to the initial question it’s necessary to take in count many factors that work together to improve our feet’s performance […]

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  • Updated November 2, 2017

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Chefs and Servers (Nike reviewed!)

(Last Update 9/30/2017)     Are you one of the many food soldiers who carry out the most important work in the food services sector?If you are, then you’re not oblivious to the hazards that come with the job.Accidents like slips and falls may happen whether you’re working in a food shack, coffee shop, bar or […]

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  • Updated November 17, 2017

Best Shoes For Nurses Sorted By Top 6 Brands (2017 Update)

If you are a nurse or nursing student, it would be very difficult for you to choose good shoes to go to work, there are so much advice that you’ve heard from friends and partners that you can’t be sure about anything.At first, we are also confused when doing the research. Then we see that the quality […]

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  • Updated August 19, 2017