Best Non-Slip Shoes for Restaurant Workers – Reviews & Guide

Are you a food soldier who does the most important work in the restaurant environments?

If you are, then you’re not oblivious to the hazards that come with the job. But I bet that you’re not fully aware of that risk you’re taking.

Accidents like slips and falls always happen as you work in a food shack, coffee shop, bar or even in a fine dining restaurant. So all you need is a basic and comfy pair of shoes after all!

Are you a server? Are you want more comfortable shoes?

Top 10 Most Comfortable Server Shoes for Men & Women

These guarantee to keep your feet relax for 8 to 10 hours!

Let’s find out what are the best slip resistant shoes for restaurant workers:

Does Nike make slip resistant shoes for work?

Nike slip resistant shoes

Nike is one of the world’s most recognizable brands in leisure and training shoes, so my short answer here is “no”.

Nike do not creates shoes suitable for the workplace. Nike  specializes in high-quality sneakers designed for the sportsperson.

And while their wide range of designs and innovations cater perfectly to the sporting market, they don’t necessarily meet with the demands of the workplace.

And through my research on the slip-resistant shoes, there are still many other better options to guarantee your safety on the job. These shoes have anti-slip soles, and being specially designed for kitchen where the floor is likely to get greasy.

Are you wondering about them?

They’re Skechers​ and Merrell. Each of the name will be listed in my reviews below, so let’s check them out:

10 Best Non-Slip Shoes for Restaurant Workers

Top Picks for Women

By Material : Leather

#1 - Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh

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Skechers follow both of the SATRA TM63 and the TM44 standards when producing their slip-resistant shoes.


You’ll be happy with these types of slip-resistant shoes when no longer would you fear the slippery floor at your workplace! It must be due to the rubber traction outsole from the shoes.

And their bottom soles may be a bit dirty after you walk, but the tread won’t be worn down at all.

If you’re looking for a comfy slip-resistant pair of work shoes, then these are the ideal choices for you to make. The shoes fit perfect, comfy, and lightweight as well as provide plenty of room for your toes.

So there’s nothing to worry whether your feet might be suffocated or not since this pair is far good in the comfort and price. I highly recommend these to anyone, but note that the shoes won’t be waterproof.

At first sight, Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh looks like the casual pair of sneakers instead of the large and clunky shoes that are sold everywhere else. But once putting the feet in, your legs and back will feel good at once even for a 7-hour shift!

  • Superb breathable and lightweight
  • Won’t slip or slide across the floor
  • Pretty durable
  • Nice looking sneakers
  • Shock-absorbing midsole

  • Lack cushion at the bottom
  • Memory foam feels a bit hard


Overall, they’re good shoes for work, even better than Walmart brand non-slip versions. Being breathable and lightweight are the two features I’m pleased the most.

But the shoes won’t offer too much cushion as I expected, but I still recommend them for work.

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2. Skechers Eldred

Are you having metatarsalgia?

Spend your workday on a pair of Skechers Eldred. They’re pretty nice and feeling a lot better on your feet. Feel free to wear these the whole day, and truly need these insoles.


That’s because these insoles are removable, enabling you to keep your footwear clean and in good condition.

Though they’re not the orthotic shoes, they truly help you for sure thanks to the good traction and high comfort right in the outsoles.

Skechers appear to do such an excellent job because these shoes are so weightless and comfy no matter if you’ve got to stand on your feet on the hard and slippery floors.

Bring these even when you walk on rainy days, and you’ll be surprised how super bouncy and comfortable they are. They won’t ever leave your feet soaked like other basic sneakers often do.

And the tread design is great enough to fit your feet for all-day wear.

Watching them closely, it’s easy to see the tongue stitched in place – it can help keep out all types of liquid that might soak your socks.

In other words, you can enjoy walking more since your feet won’t get hurt at all! They’re also safe on oily and slippery floors.

Try them out and from day to day, they feel extremely comfortable. For the sizing, it’s quite straightforward, so feel free to get the right one you like.

  • Super soft and lighweight
  • Upper-synthetic leather for support
  • Nylon mesh for breathability
  • Midsole-ethylene vinyl acetate absorbs road shocks

  • Looks like plastic
  • Short shoe laces

3. Skechers Sure Track

Reliable shoes! Very comfortable…just goes straight to my mind, so no wonder why this pair makes its debut in this list. Just take out the insole, then you can see the cushion inside and how well-sown it is.

Both cushion and insoles play an important role in supporting your feet throughout the day.

Let’s wear them at work for your first working day with a big change that you won’t ever feel the pain in the arch at all. These shoes are improved with the great foot bed and wide toe room to support your walking on the hard floors.

For the look, the shoes are so fine for my profession, not to mention how lightweight these are and how reliable the tread is. Such characteristics will make your workday more comfortable than ever.

But breaking in Skechers Sure Track might feel snug at first, but don’t worry because these will be stretched fast on the second day. And like others, these feature the slip-resistant outsole to help you move smoothly in the kitchen.

Last but not least, Skechers shoes can ride high on your foot, so you can stay firm on your feet no matter you’re bending or stretching.

  • Good foot bed and toe room
  • High traction on wet areas
  • Looks attractive
  • Has a relaxed fit
  • FlexSole midsole

  • A bit snug without socks
  • Limited selection

By Material : Synthetic

4. Skechers Sure Track Trickel

Skechers is a famous brand for super cool shoes that feel and perform the best on any surface. I used to work as a bartender many years ago and had to work through long night shifts per week.

Doing so caused some chronic issues with my feet, so I was doubtful to try anything else to fix that problem. But once giving this pair a shot, and after getting home from work, I was like “wow, my feet do feel good!”

How come?

With Skechers Sure Track Trickel, the sole does an excellent job at keeping me from falling on my face, even on the wet areas like the kitchen.

More surprisingly, no blister appears on my heels, which rarely happens with other shoes. This is also thanks to the slip-resistant tread pattern/outsole and the padded footbed of the shoes.

For its support, it feels so much better than I thought, not to mention the scoop built in your inner ankle region. This offers you no blister or rubbing on the ankle.

Above all, Skechers for Work Sure Track Trickel Slip-resistant shoes gives you a secure feeling thanks to the lace up design. It makes sure that you would never slip even on a soaked floor.

So I recommend those who work in this service industry to give this footwear a shot. For me, I fall in love with them!

  • Excellent arch support
  • Lace up slip with padded collar and tongue
  • Perforated side mini panels for constant airflow

  • Shoe soles a bit hard and not as flexible

5. Merrell Encore Breeze 3

Let’s find your all-day comfort and support in this synthetic mesh pair of shoes right now! This mesh doesn’t only look good but also help boost the ventilation as well as owns the antibacterial properties to protect your health.

These would take both breathability and walking comfort to the next level.

Other than that, the slip-ons from Merrell owns the durable build, great comfort, and good quality that I’ve always expected.

According to some wearers, the “breathable” side of these are still a bit thick for some regions that have warmer climates.

Still, this pair is an acceptable and comfy alternative for anyone who can’t wear the enclosed footwear due to some tendon issues.

It seems that Merrell Breeze 3 has just built a therapeutic paradise for my feet, which are so prone to the plantar fasciitis.

And guess what? Even sloshing in the heavy rain, these still held up very well. The footwear seems even more like a fashion shoe than a casual one. This is because of its unique mix of the silver and white color.

Above all, what you will love the most about these will be their great rubber traction outsole.

  • Good for plantar fasciitis
  • No problem of breaking in
  • Real support for the feet
  • Stylish appearance Comfortable EVA midsole

  • Kind of squeak in the footbed Tight instep

Top Picks for Men

By Material: Synthetic

1. Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen

Are you now working as a server at a fast-pace eatery?

Then spend a few dollars to get this pair that features the slip-resistant rubber outsoles. They look quite stylish without needing any bold branding yet only the low-profile ‘S’ on the lower side of the heel.

Being highly comfy, non-slip, and fit snug without sliding off the floor when you walk is my first impression about these work shoes. There’s no foot pain I felt after spending ten hours on the feet, which is out of my expectation.

But what I love the most is probably when the product comes with a memory foam sole and offers the air circulation for your superb comfort. However, according to some users, they felt them a bit too loose as if they’re about to fall off.

So it’s good if you only walk and run around in the kitchen, not good when you try to push and pull any heavy stuff around because the Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen will definitely slip off.

Last but not least, it’s important to know that when you wear the shoes, the tread will decline for sure over time.


  • Fit snug without sliding off
  • Lightweight and comfy to wear
  • Lovely look
  • Great memory foam
  • Midsole can absorb shock


  • A bit pricey
  • Easy to roll left or right

2. Merrell Jungle Moc

Are you ready to kick back and relax after spending long hours on the hard floor with the non-skid footwear from Merrell?

These loafer-shaped shoes are made with superb comfort, so the shoe is very versatile for you to wear and walk around the slimy surfaces.

As you know, for those who have to stand for too long, it’s a challenge to find their right work shoes.

If you choose the leather work boots, they tend to be quite heavy and own flat soles, so your feet can be easily killed after a few hours.

And greater than that, the rubber outsoles can help you stay still on any surface with much oil or grease.

With Merrell Jungle Moc, which are made from synthetic material, the shoes won’t ever hurt your feet and cause burns on the top of the feet.

More surprisingly, the footwear is as comfy as slippers, especially all of the insides get lined with soft padding.

However, that lining doesn’t brunch up or produce any fold while you’re putting them on. And you can even slip into these non-slip shoes fast and easily by only stepping into them.

Like others, the tread will be worn, but still good to use.


  • Superb comfort for long walking
  • Break in easily
  • Look stylish
  • Keeps a good support on the feet
  • Air-cushioned midsole


  • A bit tight in the toe box
  • The insole fabric peels off over time


3. Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fixed

The shoes can flaunt any terra thanks to its rubber sole and faux leather for the highest durability.

And seriously, whenever standing or walking all day on the oily flooring, there’s no fall or slip accident happening at all.

So I recommend these to those who often encounter slippery situations on the job, especially when these have the long-lasting tread and the non-slip rubber outsoles.

What I love about them is how these work shoes can last and hold up even better than other non-slip brands I used to have. The footwear fits me well without sliding at all as well as own a good arch support you can trust.

More importantly, Skechers Felton Relaxed-Fixed have a good non-slip surface right on the bottom. It’s because I’m always nervous that I’m about to slip on something, but with these bottoms, everything is guaranteed.

However, some wearers would love these shoes to loosen up fast so that they won’t feel like the boots! After all, both material and build quality goes beyond my expectations.


  • Good material and design
  • Can handle slippery situations
  • Memory foam is a plus
  • Holds up well
  • Supportive and shock absorbing midsole


  • The stitching feels loose a bit
  • Slightly stiff

By Material: Leather

4. Skechers Flex Advantage Oxford

I’ve never got this pair of shoes before, but my new job indeed requires slip-resistant shoes so I choose Skechers Flex Advantage Oxford.

First of all, I like the look of these shoes because they fit me professionally, and they’re quite comfortable to wear. It’s true that each person will have a different taste, but I still recommend them for great look, comfort, and durability.

Are you working as a server at a fast-pace eatery?

You should have the shoes fit as desired, but try to get the same size you casually wear. They look stylish and come with a memory foam sole, which is pretty useful for walking on hard tiled floors.

These also feature the high rubber traction outsole so that you can walk or run swiftly anywhere.

The shoes feel extremely soft, so you can feel delighted with them no matter how long you walk or move around. Note that the tread will begin coming off the shoes if you don’t maintain your footwear well.

At a reasonable price, I found them quite worth a shot as compared to other slip-resistant work shoes. Putting them on at first, you will feel them stretching a bit and fit slightly looser. But this is as bad as you thought.

Things are getting normal after you wear them a few times. And when they run “loose” like that, which means they offer enough air circulation and comfort at the same time.

Such a proper ventilation will ensure your feet not to smell after a hard day at work.


  • Tested rubber traction sole
  • Insulated against electrical hazards
  • Layered durable mesh for support with breathability
  • Dual side elastic fabric panels for easy slip on fit
  • Full-length memory foam insole
  • Lightweight and flexible midsol


  • Very light but no protection from falling heavy objects
  • Waterproof but not water and stain repellent

5. Skechers Cottonwood

I personally got this loafer design about two weeks ago, and I must say that these are worth it! Feel free to wear them for 8 – 9 hours per day, and the show still feels the best.

For the slip resistance, the shoes do such an excellent job thanks to the metal stamping plant in the basement. No slip or fall occurs once you wear them around the kitchen or at the workplace.

Another good thing about this pair is that it’s comfortable enough for you to move around so much, and fits perfectly without slipping off your feet. The rubber outsoles can protect you the entire day at your workplace.

For some people who have a narrow foot, don’t worry since these can run narrow as well. If you ordered the US size 10, then it might feel a bit tight at the toe box, so make sure to get a larger one if necessary.

Lastly, what I feel pleased about the Skecher Cottonwood is its leather black material, which is something that I can’t get more comfortable than that. Well, it’s like putting a leather glove with a thick sole.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Supportive for the feet
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great fitting
  • Shock absorbing midsole


  • Has to put the insole in them
  • The padding ripped out over time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non slip shoes?

Try to rub both hands fast or slowly against the rubber! If you feel the traction or heat, then the shoes have more resistance against the wetness.

These elements make them non-slip or slip-resistant. The sole is often made from rubber, PU, and PVC, which own the delicate tread patterns. These enable for a much better grip on any kind of surface, especially the slimy surfaces.

The work shoes own the highly protective toe boxes and oil-resistant upper area. Slippers and slip-on shoes are the greatest benefits for seniors who have to struggle too hard with the lace-up versions. And you will be given many slip-resistant options out there on the market.

How do you know if a shoe is non-slip?

Working in a fast-paced environment is not a stroll in the park. The entire workplace is actually a ‘minefield’ for all food service workers stationed in the kitchen or elsewhere.

There are mines that cause the common accidents such as slips, trips, skids, slides, and falls. The mines come in the form of cooking oil slicks, water spills, food dregs, uneven floor surfaces and much more. The risks to your well-being are ever-present so wearing anti-slip shoes can diminish or eliminate the dangers.

What does it mean slip resistant?

There’s no specific definition about being slip resistant or non-slip, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

These safety work shoes mean preventing all slips and falls based on the ratio of the force of friction between two different objects. Besides, these versions are approved by the ASTM if having the rubber soles.

Just take the floor slip resistance testing as an example. It’s the science of gauging the coefficient of friction of the flooring surfaces.

And if a shoe outsole is oil resistant, then it means that they’re tested already to be slip resistant. So you need to look through what tests your shoes have undergone before starting to know your shoe a bit better.

​Is slip-resistant and oil-resistant the same?

Also, it should be stressed that there is a difference between slip resistant and oil resistant shoes.

Strictly speaking, oil-resistant shoes refer to the shoes used in work areas where petroleum, chemicals or acid are present in floor surfaces. These shoes are solidly made to prevent the more dangerous oils from damaging the shoe material and soles. Hence, it is not for food service or restaurant settings.

What makes slip resistant shoes slip resistant?

There are many elements that join making a good pair of slip-resistant shoes for work. And these specific features of that footwear would include the outsole pattern, materials, tread and style .

  • Outsole Pattern
  • Style

First, check the outsole of the shoes to see the shape of the patterns. The shape has a significant bearing on the shoes’ grip on the floor.

Pay special attention to the edges. You’re looking for round or circled edges not flat ones.

Flat edges would not let you walk safely through wet surfaces, unlike circular edges. When your shoes have circled edges, any liquid substance on the floor is thrown aside with every stride.

What can you put on shoes to make them slip resistant?

If you like to increase the grip for your shoes to survive the slipper and slimy surfaces, then do the following things:

Scuff your soles: Doing so means adding traction to the boots, which is quite easy to do. Give the shoes a stronger grip by basically scraping the soles against the rough surfaces like gravel or concrete.

Use the traction sprays: Trust it or not, you can indeed use the spray to coat the shoes with a certain amount of protection. Go to get the slip grip shoe adhesive on the market.

Add a mix of glue and salt: You can add a grainy texture to the soles, which may help protect you from sliding through the place. Let’s combine both salt and rubber glue to coat on the shoes. This mixture can give a non-slip part to the boots.

Spray the sole with your hairspray: Even though hairspray is something you can use temporarily, it remains a great option to spray on the soles to make your shoes a bit more slip-proof. This fast solution might ask you to re-apply on a daily basis.

Score the soles: You should be beware when using a knife to score the soles of your shoes, especially when it’s your favorite one. However, you won’t regret doing it later on. Let’s score the soles to add more traction when water can easily pass through these treads.

Stick the sand to the sole: This is a truly effective method to help your shoes to be all ready to surpass any slimy surface. Using dry sand plus the spray adhesive, and then coat the soles with a gritty material. Remember that using coarse sand will increase more traction.

What brands of shoes are non slip?​

The most popular slip-resistant shoe brands you can opt for and trust are mostly Skechers, Merrell, Dansko, Crocs, Vans, Birkenstock, Mozo, Dr. Martens, SlipGrips, and more. For Shoes for Crew, they also give you a variety of non-slip work shoes. Meanwhile, Fila, Nike, and Adidas also have non-skid footwear, which mostly aim at athletes. If you are looking for shoes like Dansko but cheaper, there are also several alternatives.

These are all the decent-quality non-slip versions that help you dodge al slips and trips on your serving job. These are often having a soft and pliable sole so that they can offer you a better grip when walking on the wet, oily, or greasy surfaces. Their soles are made from PVC or PU, so have an intricate tread pattern that can allow for a much better grip on all surfaces.

Are Nike Air Huarache non-slip?

Their Air Huarache Essential iD style incorporates a heel strap that makes for a stable and supportive fit and a “phylon” midsole for lightweight cushioning, these shoes are designed for the quick impact of sporting, rather than the extended wear deployed by a catering industry professional.

They have specially placed pods imprinted into the sole for traction, so they do offer a non-slip sole, but they won’t protect you from a slippery floor.

Are Nike Roshes non-slip?

The Nike Roshe range certainly boast a “waffle-inspired” outsole pattern, designed for multi-surface traction, but look a little closer at customer reviews and they get a bit of a rap for a distinct lack of durability. And for people who spend long days on their feet, that just won’t do!

Do vans count as non-slip shoes?​

It’s mostly based on your types of job. If you work in the kitchen of a fast-paced restaurant, then Vans will be a suitable option. The brand tends to set up many unique sneakers specially made for those who have to walk or stand on the slimy floors for hours. Well, yes, Vans are slip resistant – They do have some fraction with the ground!

Besides, Vans shoes are skate shoes, so it will be your preference to wear them to work or not. It mostly depends on what kind of job you’re doing. Not only that, but the shoes also depend on the dress policy of your work. For me, I won’t put them on if my work requires formal suit or working outside most of the time because it would be uncomfortable.

Therefore, at the end of your work day, feel free to tell whether wearing Vans shoes to work is enabled or not. If you’re still uncertain, then it’s good to ask your manager or others whether it’s ok.

Are Converse slip-resistant shoes?

Yes, they are, especially when you choose the brand’s work shoes that have the slip-resistant tread patterns. These own the excellent contact with the slimy surface and other dispersion channels for the optimal slip resistance. The slip-resistant patterns used by Converse will have the outstanding contact with a rubber compound to promote more slip resistance.

Besides, you can get a classic with a selection of Converse slip-resistant shoes for females. The line of these work shoes can provide you with a great mix of both style and safety.

Are all Crocs non-slip?

Yes, almost. Crocs are famous for designing shoes that are made for food service, hospitality, and healthcare workers. They’re not only light but also supportive to get you through the longest work shifts. The Crocs-Lock slip-resistant treads can help protect you at the toes and help you work up the best.

So work smarter in great comfort with slip resistant work shoes from the brand. They tend to meet the industry standards, and are called work clogs, which make such great kitchen shoes or restaurant footwear. And take note that Crocs is even known to be much better than Vans when it comes to being non-slip. Their shoes ensure you to stay protected and have the utmost comfort for hours of the day.

Are Merrell shoes slip resistant?

Yes, they are. Merrell’s slip-resistant footwear and boots are designed to maintain the feet under you while you have to walk, run, climb, or bike over the uneven terrain. With these unique shoes, you can take on any trail yet still enjoy the superior support and their great grip.

Most Merrell’s slip-resistant shoes and boots are exclusively made with great traction like nothing can stop you from going through over the wet and loose surfaces. Most of the shoes from Merrell have the oil and slip-resistant M-Select GRIP outsole that is made of rubber, which is all Mark II tested for the traction and durability.


Skechers make work shoes that meet a plethora of safety standards so they’re a great choice for hazardous walking surfaces.

They’ve created a range of shoes specifically for male and female workers in the catering industry, with comfortable, breathable materials and non-skid soles.

Women, in general, love Skechers because of their robust comfort and practical style.

KEEN’S & Crocs

Keen make great, light-weight shoes with some heavy-weight features. Incorporating steel-toe caps to protect the feet from dropped plates and kicked swing doors, their anti-slip soles keep you on your feet, rather than on your butt!

With a slip-on clog-style range favoured by chefs, and a sneaker style for waiting staff, Keen are a name that many catering professionals have come to rely on.

The clogs of Crocs are not far behind and easily becoming one of the best protective footwear of tireless chefs.


Fila are a brand synonymous with 80s hip hop, so there’s no surprise that they sport a range of work shoes on the funkier side of things.

But style aside, the Fila work shoe range offers great slip resistance, brilliant durability and will probably stand up to the odd caterpillar in a 80s style dance-off.

Many catering professionals swear by Fila work shoes. More for the servers than the chef, Fila offer a perfect balance of comfort, safety and style.

Versatile Work Shoes

If you are looking for versatility and not specific to the kitchen, there are more choices from other well-known brands.

The brands that offer decent anti slip shoes are Annte Shoes, Dockers, Dr. Martens, Dr. Scholl’s, Ryka, safeTstep&Townforst.

How about other popular sneakers brands?

Adidas have a range of “All Terrain” shoes designed for fell-running, so these are certainly going to be more robust that your standard training shoe. The Terrex Trail Cross SL shoe is suitable for biking and hiking, and could be a good choice for the caterer, but the sole doesn’t really have the type of traction you might need in a busy kitchen.

Reebok, on the other hand, do make the Work n Cushion 2.0 shoe. Designed for the busy person who spends the entire day on their feet, the outsole is designed to be oil and slip resistant for traction on slippery floors.

New Balance fall into the same category as Nike and Adidas in being a great manufacturer for training shoes, but without much to recommend them as work shoes.

The Footnote

Restaurant workers are the ‘jewels’ in the food service industry. However, as a member of this elite workforce, you are exposed to hazards on a daily basis.

Running and rushing to serve your customers often lead to slips. There would be serious physical, mental, and financial implications if you’re not wearing the proper footwear.

The anti-slip shoes for restaurant workers are made to guard against those accidents. Take your pick and stay protected at work.



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