Best Shoes For Surgeons – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Being a surgeon, I clearly understand what we need. We need nice slip-resistant shoes.

And by saying “nice”, I mean not only slip-resistant but also comfortable, durable and some more features that can save our feet through long operations.

Not many shoes out there can meet my requirements. But some do. And they do well.

So, here, I come up with the top 5 slip-resistant shoes for surgeons.

They are all ones that I have experienced or consulted my friends who are using them. They may look different with various features and highlights but they work very well for all of us. You can see them all through my review, and a little surprise at the end (maybe you can find the solution to your problems, just go through the end!)

For now, we just see the best shoes for surgeons.

Let’s just begin!

10 Best Shoes For Surgeons

Top 5 non-slip shoes for male surgeons

1. Merrell Encore Gust

Main features

  • Full grain leather
  • M-Select GRIP sole (slip-resistant)
  • Polished slip-on
  • Padded collar
  • Shock-absorb air cushion
  • Compression EVA foot frame for stability and comfort
  • Ortholite footbed
  • Breathable and dry feet

What makes them stand out?

These well-designed shoes will give you a lot of space to your toes. Padded collars provide a great support to your leg ankles.

M-Select GRIP Soles (rubber) are slip-resistant and quite, help you stand firmly even on slippery surfaces and create no sounds when walking around.

My experience

I’ve seen many shoes scarifying the natural foot-shapes for fashion. I used to have some of them and my toe joints always ended up aching at the end of the day. Then I found this gem.

What you will immediately see right after wearing these on is that the shoes give a lot of space to your toes. My friends and I believe these Merrell shoes are very well-designed and meant to help you wear all day without any hurt.

The padded collars and shock-absorb air cushions are just perfect to keep your feet and ankles receiving the least irritating impacts. Despite that, leather upper-units bring the most comfort, keeping your feet absolutely breathable and dry.

These features are vital to surgeons who may have to stand and work up to 12 hours in a row. The feet will be saved: dry and relax. And they can avoid several other health problems.

Detailed Review

Upper parts

You can feel an integrity of these shoes. Unlike lace-up models, you will not worry about wasting your time tying shoelaces and later they may loosen off. With a fit pair, you can slip in and out of your shoes in seconds.

This will definitely help you out during your shifts, especially in emergencies when you need to be quick and precise.

Made from grain leather, these shoes do not lose their designed shape or cling dust easily. I do not recommend you to use them in hazardous environments or in outdoor activities too much. But, in normal conditions like hospitals, as long as the shoes are not exposed to chemicals, they can last for years.

Their whole upper is wide and spacious, making a lot of space for your toes and foot waists as I emphasised. The padded collars greatly contribute to their highly-rated comfort.

The inner leather will keep your feet breathable and dry all day. Furthermore, though it is very easy to slip in and out, these shoes are made to keep an adequate grip on your feet. It means you will not accidentally slip out and fall over. That scenario would be extremely dangerous in any surgical operations.

Slip-resistant soles

M-Select Technology GRIP soles are slip-resistant on wet and dry floors or mixed terrains. They feature a good enough grip for both your feet and the ground. In my experience, they work very well on some slippery floor (i.e. wet floor after cleaning).

Besides, the specialised lugs on the outsoles have the ability to release dirt and debris often collecting under your feet. You can feel a very good stability (though still very lightweight) with this advanced feature.

Though they do not offer the best fiction coefficient because they are made for daily work, they still bring a more than good grip for hospital floors.

You can find many Merrell models are made for going out in my Top 4 Non-Slip Shoe Brands in 2018 which give an excellent slip resistance. But in any indoor jobs like surgeons, these are perfect.

Merrell also equips air cushions in the hells to absorb shocks. This fixes a common problem when wearing non-slip shoes that the soles, in order to increase grip, are often too hard. You can feel an absolute soft and comfort feeling with these Merrell.

The EVA midsole, having the ability to adapt to your feet downside shape, only makes the comfort better! You may find that the shoes will always try to grip your feet no matter which poses you are standing during your operations.

Cost and Value

They are totally affordable! If you are a big fan of Merrell, you will see that these shoes are a good deal.

Having the most advanced technologies: M-Select Sole, Shock-absorb air cushion, Compression EVA foot frame, and a very good breathability, they are certainly worth buying with the price of a bit more than $60.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can max out the comfort and for you to wear all days and nights, these are the top choice!

2. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Main features

  • Synthetic, eco-friendly
  • Custom fit, water-friendly design and ventilated forefoot for breathability
  • Ventilation ports add breathability and release water and debris
  • Heel strap offers a secure fit
  • Odour-resistant, easy to clean, and quick to dry
  • Super lightweight, non-marking soles
  • Generously roomy

What makes them stand out?

Crocs are not for everyone. But who enjoys Crocs, they stay with Crocs for long and long!

Super comfortable and durable. Unique design. Amazingly slip resistant and quite. Great breathability and spacious. And, totally affordable for anyone. That’s what Crocs meant to be.

Though true, not everyone’s into Crocs. Their style is unique in a lovely way but kinda selective. These Crocs, thus, should definitely stand on the top but after the classic Slip-on Merrell.

My experience

I should not introduce Crocs too much because they are already very popular out there. People like them so bad that they use “crocs” as a very specific noun referring to Crocs’ footwear.

If you ever experience Crocs, you will find that they are superb! Very lightweight and durable are what I can think of when anyone mentioning Crocs. In addition, Crocs have brought a slip-resistant ability to their classic unisex clog so that they become even more worth using.

Crocs are extremely preferred in hospitals thanks to their slip resistance and noise cancelling. Also, ventilation ports greatly add breathability to your feet and keep them dry all day, which is more reasonable for both doctors and nurses (who walk a lot in a long time) or for surgical operators (who stand in a very long period).


Upper parts

To me, the appreciated unique feature of these Crocs is their slip lock. You can switch it to the top upper and use them as comfortable sandals when relaxing between shifts. Or, you can put it back on your heels whenever you have to run quickly. I can imagine a similar experience for ones who work in a busy hospital.

The upper is well-made from eco-friend synthetic, featured ventilation ports. It thus keeps the Crocs in-shape no matter how long you use them but still is soft enough to deliver a good comfort.

The ventilation ports, or informally called holes, add a breathability to your feet and keep them from sweating too much. Furthermore, you may sometimes soak your feet in the water or may have to go to some dirty places, these holes significantly help release any lingering water, dust or debris.

I used to have some sandals made from cheap rubber and cheap in my small garden. And by saying “garden”, I mean I had to clean them more than often after every use.

Those cheap materials were such a nightmare. I could clean them from dust but I could not make them stop smelling. When water was trapped long enough inside the sandals and it could not ventilate, the sandals “incensed” the air with a disgusting smell.

These Crocs fix that problem flawlessly. And in hospitals, it becomes even more important since hygiene is always put on priority.

Slip-resistant soles

The Crocs feature slip-resistant soles. They are very good but not as good as the Merrell. In my opinion, they do not try to make the soles super slip-resistant to keep the lightweight design and an affordable price.

But, that does not mean the soles are low quality. They are. Also made from synthetic, both the insole and outsole are slip-resistant, keeping you firm on the ground.

The well-designed patterns on the outsoles are meant to add more friction, release water and debris easily, and minimise leaving marks on the ground. These features, in addition to the ventilation ports, are perfect to deliver good safety and cleanliness.

In the hospital where I work, I witnessed that almost all doctors and nurses are utilising the Crocs very well.

Cost and Value

These Crocs should have been the another best if their design is not a bit too selective. Nevertheless, they deserve to be the second best among 5 slip-resistant shoes for surgeons.

They are even more affordable than the Merrell. You can grab one pair easily on Amazon for from only $12!

No, you did not mishear it. Only from $12 (depending on your preferred sizes and colours). I strongly recommend you introduce these Crocs to all your colleagues though I believe your hospitals have already universalised them.

3. Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen

Main features

  • Slip Resistant traction outsole
  • Electrical Hazard (EH) Safe design
  • Smooth durable synthetic upper, breathable mesh fabric panels, water and stain resistant upper design
  • Dual side elastic fabric panels for easy slip on fit w/ padded collar
  • Relaxed Fit® design for a roomy comfortable fit
  • Memory Foam full length cushioned comfort insole
  • FlexSole lightweight shock absorbing midsole

What makes them stand out?

Skechers offers tons of models for use in various activities. You will never be disappointed because it seems as if you can always find a good model from Skechers for any purposes you may think of.

These McAllen may be the most “humble but effective” model among many others in Flex Advantage series. Being upgraded with Slip-resistant and Electrical Hazard Safe abilities but do not trade-off comfort, these are another great alternative for surgeons.

My experience

I am not a big fan of Skechers mostly because they offer a bit too many models, which confuses me. But some of my friends are. To successfully pick out the best among many Skechers, I have consulted a lot from my friends and browsed HUNDREDS of models on their Non-slip work shoes for men site.

But, don’t mind me. If you like having many choices before settling yours, Skechers is the one for you. If you do not and just want to find a good pair of slip-resistant shoes for your daily work, then here, I give you these.


Upper parts

Bearing the same feature as other slip-on shoes, it is quite easy to slip in these. With elastic fabric panels and padded collars added, the shoes give a very good slip-in experience even to some people who have strange feet shapes.

Skechers’ Relaxed Fit design adds more room for your toes. Furthermore, the smooth synthetic upper equipped with breathable mesh fabric panels brings a good feeling to your feet. Your toes and feet waists will NOT be tightened into the shoes’ shape.

I under your feeling if you do have an uncommon feet shape. You may usually feel some aches on your toes, especially at the end of the days, if you are wearing some classic lace-up models. These Skechers offer a much better experience.

The upper is also water- and stain-resistant, with Electrical Hazard Safe Design though might not be very necessary, they are a very good choice for operations or for any other tasks in hospitals.

Slip-resistant soles

Skechers puts a remarkable effort on making a nice sole.

The insole (Memory Foam) is made for the best comfort possible: soft and breathable. Also, it has the ability to memorise your feet shape relatively so that you can feel much familiar with your shoes after a very quick nap. You can slip in your shoes and immediately rush as you usually do.

The midsole (Flex Sole) is very lightweight and shock-absorbing, which much reduces any irritating feelings when walking or standing.

The outsole (Slip-resistant) offers an adequate slip resistance for both wet and dry surfaces. I personally prefer the Merrell M-Select outsoles since they are designed with some great patterns, which gives a better faction.

In general, the Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen is still a very good choice for surgeons. Maybe a better choice for ones who want something more fashionable.

Cost and Value

Their price is not bad at all: from $70 depending on styles (medium or wide fit) and sizes.

These are a good alternative to the Merrell.

If you find it difficult to pick out some shoes for your uncommon feet shape or you just simply prefer non-polished upper shoes, you should definitely consider these.

4. Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Main features

  • Oiled Leather
  • Shock-absorbent rubber sole
  • Slide-on clog, contoured leather insole
  • Easily clean with fingertips, remove stubborn dirt with a damp cloth
  • Easily maintain with Dansko Oiled Leather Restorer
  • To add weatherproof, use Dansko Beeswax Conditioner

What makes them stand out?

With oiled leather, these Dansko should be declared as one of the strongest work shoes.

Such material is also good against water and dirt, making cleaning jobs easy. Dansko also offers a number of options for making the shoes even more durable. Customers can clean, preserve and make their Dansko weatherproof with professional add-ons.

These feature hard soles though still maintain a good comfort.

My experience

I may not be very into this clogs’ design. They look a bit too old-fashioned to me. In case you feel the same way, there are also shoes like Dansko that are cheaper, great in design and very comfortable.

However, to who enjoying long-lasting shoes, these Dansko is the top choice. The add-ons (usually not coming with the shoes when sold) greatly strengthen the shoes even when they are already super strong.

These clogs are great for ones who prefer clogs to slip-on, which is a good alternative to Crocs. Furthermore, if you are the type of surgeons who always worry about dropping some sharp things on your feet, these can calm you.

Without any ventilation ports and made from strong materials, these Dansko Oiled Leather Clogs will bring you an absolute secure feeling.


Upper parts

All the upper and counter are made from a whole piece of oiled leather. The reduction of using linings reduces the chance that the shoes may be torn off. I strongly emphasise their overall durability.

You can easily clean the shoes by hand or any pieces of cloth without worrying that you may damage the shoes.

One drawback of them is the lack of breathability. I have a pair of oiled leather boots. Once I wore them on the coast-to-coast trip in the UK, the boots actually gave a very bad experience.

My feet sweated badly after hours of walking and the sweat could not evaporate. Especially when the boots got wet, my feet were soaked inside them because the water was tightly trapped.

So, my advice is you can use these Dansko on some wet surfaces but not too much. You can also use them in some short to medium operations. For any longer ones (from 10 hours), these might not be a good choice unless you prefer hard soles.

Oiled leather is not very elastic so that you may find a little difficult when slipping in the shoes. Conversely, they give you a tight fit, which is a good point.

Slip-resistant soles

The contoured-leather insoles give you a good enough comfort when walking around. Though true, I can warn you that you should not let them wet for too long. Otherwise, they can start becoming smelly (trust me, I have experienced such thing).

These Dansko feature shock-absorbent rubber outsoles. They are pretty good in term of preventing slips though you may want to add some friction. If it is the case, look for our informative and useful guide: 7 Hacks To Make Your Shoes Non-Slip For Restaurant on our site. The guide was made for restaurants but the hacks can work well for hospitals.

Without any special designs, the outsoles are quite heavy and hard in comparison with the others above. Some prefer solid, firm and heavy soles because they give them a secure feeling but most people do not.

Cost and Value

To be honest, these Dansko Oiled Leather Clogs are a bit too expensive considering their features, design and price. Nonetheless, people’s interests vary widely! Some people prefer such features that Dansko offers.

Being offered from $90 (excluding Dansko professional add-ons), these bring the best durability if that’s what you are looking for.

5. K-Swiss ST329 CMF

Main features

  • Leather Upper
  • Textile Collar Lining
  • Slip-resistant Draggaurd Rubber & Aosta Rubber Outsole
  • Moulded EVA Midsole
  • Memory Foam Sock Liner
  • Lace Closure

What makes them stand out?

These K-Swiss should be mentioned in this chart since they are a very good treatment for people who suffer from any back, leg and feet problems (including surgeons).

They seem a bit more complicated than the top 4 slip-on models. However, we cannot ask for a better comfort from lace-closure shoes like these. In fact, they bring brilliant comfort!

My experience

With this design, the K-Swiss ST319 can be work or casual shoes. Among the many colours that K-Swiss offer, black can be used universally. You can wear these on the daily basis or you can wear them in the hospital (as long as they are clean). Your colleagues are not likely to point out a big difference. They just fit in all activities.

The best benefit that these shoes bring is that they can play the role of a good treatment. Lots of people reportedly alleviate their back, hip and feet problems (i.e. neuropathy or backache due to long-time standing) thanks to EVA Midsole.


Upper parts

Leather upper and textile collar linings are not something special. You can find these on many other models. What makes these K-Swiss valuable comes later.

The materials still ensure a good enough durability. They can last for years if you mostly use them in the hospital where they are hardly exposed to any extreme conditions.

Some people may prefer white rather than black because white often means cleaner! Yes, indeed. ST329 also come in white. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend black due to its higher dirt resistance. You can never guarantee that you won’t drop any substances on your shoes during your busy shifts.

These shoes do not feature elastic collars, in addition to the fact that these are lace-closure style, making it a bit more difficult to wear on. It’s not a very big problem, though.

Slip-resistant soles

K-Swiss does a good job with the sole. Offering an adequate slip resistance, the ST329 can be fairly reliable on different surfaces though not remarkable. Thus, you should put a little attention on slippery surfaces.

But K-Swiss does a brilliant job with the moulded EVA midsole. The thick and soft midsole will certainly bring the like-walking-on-pillow experience though it may sacrifice the breathability. This makes ST329 perfect for ones with problems as they minimise any impacts from the ground on your feet, ankle and thus your hip and back.

These sufferings are very common among surgeons. They are often required to stand in a prolonged time. You can start thinking of treating yourself with the ST329 now.

Cost and Value

You can buy these easily at Amazon for from $50 depending on colours and sizes.

They may look a bit too big but it is due to their super comfortable midsoles. For $50, I cannot ask for any better treatment shoes.

In fact, I do believe that you can greatly improve your sufferings with these. And, it may cut off your health treatment cost considerably if you’re using them the right way (don’t forget to consult your doctors).

Ultimately, it’s a good deal!

Hopefully my personal and some gathered experiences will give you some insights into non-slip shoes. They, the aforementioned ones, are all good though they offer slightly different features and focus on different purposes (the highlights).

What do I recommend? You should probably buy all of them because they are the 5 slip-resistant shoes for surgeons that I can pick out. After experiencing them, you can see what suits you the most or you can change them for different tasks as I am now.


Top 4 non-slip shoes for female surgeons

1. Dansko Professional Mule

Main features

  • Leather
  • Polyurethane slip-resistant sole, polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom for proper foot forward and shock-absorption
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection
  • Padded instep collar
  • Use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Memory foam footbed delivers optimal cushioning and support

What makes them stand out?

With the closure slip-on design, these Dansko offer a very good protection though they may trade breathability off.

With the reinforced toe box and thick and heavy soles, these bring a secure feeling for ones who enjoy big and strong clogs.

Instead of oiled leather, these are made from leather, being polished and decorated to be more fashionable and decent.

These are a very good choice for any tall women who find other non-slip models too small and not strong enough for them. They come in different colours and decorations.

My experience

I may not be very into this clogs’ design mostly because I’m a male surgeon. To me, these type of clogs may fit my female colleagues much better. And I do think the design work well for women, especially when some nice decorations are added.

These are made from polished leather, not as strong as oiled-leather but they are still very strong. Compared to the most-common Crocs Classic Clogs, these deliver more safety since no dust, debris or any sharp points can come to your feet thanks to the closure design.

So, these clogs are a good alternative to Crocs depending on what you prioritise: breathability or security.


Upper parts

With the closure design, all the upper and counter are made from a whole piece of leather. The reduction of using linings reduces the chance that the shoes may be torn off and thus creates an unrivalled durability.

The leather is polished which increases its water- and stain-resistant properties. You can easily use soapy cloth or sponge to clean the dirt without worrying that you may damage the shoes.

You cannot expect a very good breathability with these. In exchange, the safety level that these clogs bring will be more than you expected.

The well-made strengthened toe box and padded collars can help your feet relax for both your toes and heels in a long time. Furthermore, the wide heels add a great stability, especially for women who enjoy wearing medium to high heels.

They are good for short to medium operations (up to 10 hours). Your feet will be safe and comfortable but not very dry. You may want to take them off for some minutes before continuing if you use these.

Slip-resistant soles

A good comfort and slip-resistance will be maintained to your feet thanks to the contoured-leather insoles. You just need to make sure that you don’t wet them. If you do, try drying them as soon as you can to preserve their quality and cleanliness.

In addition, memory foam will maximise the cushion and support to your feet.

These Dansko feature polyurethane shock-absorbent outsoles. Polyurethanes are modern and safe. You can totally forget worrying about their durability. Even your jobs require standing or walking exceedingly, the outsoles will remain their shape and deliver an original comfort.

Their heaviness is a minus point to me though they give a good friction and a more actual feeling to your feet.

Cost and Value

You can have these for from $60 at Amazon, which is very reasonable considering the features that the shoes offer.

Or, you may want a better (stronger, solider) pair of Dansko, you should check out the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule Oiled Leather right below.

2. Dansko Professional Mule

Main features

  • Oiled Leather
  • Polyurethane slip-resistant sole, polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom for proper foot forward and shock-absorption
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection
  • Padded instep collar
  • Use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Memory foam footbed delivers optimal cushioning and support

What makes them stand out?

Oiled leather, is very good against water and dirt.

Dansko also offers Dansko Oiled Leather Restorer to maintain the material and Dansko Beeswax Conditioner to add weatherproof. They are handy and portable.

Bearing the same features but made of oiled leathers, these are a good alternative to the above Polished Leather Dansko. Those who want to use your shoes not only in hospitals but your daily walk (indoor and outdoor) should certainly consider these.

My experience

Same as above, you can consider buying these clogs when you want something more secure in comparison with Crocs. But, differently, these oiled leather clogs maximise their durability though they do not have any decorations.

Oiled leather is also good because you can take care of your shoes at home with some add-ons: Dansko Oiled Leather Restorer and Dansko Beeswax Conditioner. They may not look very nice to some people but they can last for years and save you a considerable amount.

So that would be a worth trying option.


Upper parts

These shoes’ features are not very different from their sisters. You will find the shoes very comfortable with a lot of room for your toes, soft collars and wide heels will help your heels relax. Strong and durable upper keep your feet very safe underneath. Nonetheless, the lack of breathability is still a problem that many people, especially ones who hate sweating feet, might face.

I should emphasise the different ways to treat your polished leather and oiled leather. Otherwise, some may end up damaging their shoes.

For polished leather shoes, you can clean them by hands or better by a piece of moist or soapy cloth. They are better water- and stain-resistant, which mean dirt should not linger on the shoes easily and can be roughly cleaned off by hands.

Whereas, for oiled leather shoes, you cannot wipe away water and stain easily by hands. The chance is they can infiltrate into the shoes, especially liquid dirt. Oiled leather shoes are good against water and dirt which means they can last well even when being exposed to them (they are not water- and stain-resistant).

If you want to add waterproof to your oiled leather clogs, you can use Dansko Beeswax Conditioner. To maintain them, use a piece of cloth (preferred dry) to clean them first, and then apply Dansko Oiled Leather Restorer.

Slip-resistant soles

Having the same contoured-leather insoles and polyurethane shock-absorbent outsoles, these Dansko can also ensure a good comfort and slip resistance.

Though true, I should stress again that they are quite heavy. The shoes might be a good choice for ones who are tall or have wide feet. The heavy soles can make you feel an actual weight on your feet and thus firm and strong steps.

Cost and Value

You can have these for from $60 at Amazon.

These should be declared as the other best non-slip shoes. Though true, I see that not many people are into oiled leather due to its lack of fashion. But some want a pair of shoes that they can wear all days and nights, indoor or outdoor. Then, these are just perfect.

3. Alegria Classic Clog

Main features

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • A cloth-covered buckle adds detail to this functional clog, which is anatomically designed for comfort.

What makes them stand out?

Alegria is another good option though they do not deliver notable slip resistance or durability.

Alegria is most well-known for their very comfortable and fashionable clogs.

They work very well for ones who suffer from any feet, heel, hip or back problems and can be used as treatment shoes.

My experience

Alegria is an alternative to Dansko. I have seen many nurses in my hospital swap between these and their Dansko on different days.

Without the slip lock (like Crocs) or counter (like other slip-on clogs), These Alegria might slip out of your feet sometimes. So, be careful, especially if your feet are slightly wet.

In exchange, these can give a very good comfort. Many people are reportedly satisfied with these classic clogs. Ones who underwent some foot surgeries or suffer from feet, heel or back problems will find that these shoes are very comfortable. They can actually decrease the problem if fit.


Upper parts

The upper is fashionable with patterned leather. It gives a relatively new and pretty look compared to other models here.

The toe box is a bit tight so that you can feel them rubbing your toes when walking normally. And if you have used Dansko in a long time, you can see that these Alegria clogs give much less vertical space to your toes. You will need a couple of days to get used to these.

Two huge ventilation ports right above your feet waists add a little breathability. But, I believe they are mostly for making the shoes fashionable. Without a counter, you can easily slip your feet out just a bit and you can feel the ventilated air in the shoes immediately.

In some cases, when you may need to rush, these clogs do not work very well. They can slip out unexpectedly, especially when your feet are wet. So, I strongly recommend you using them only in a room (maybe during your surgical operations) where you don’t need to run around too much.

Slip-resistant soles

The soles do not give a remarkable slip resistance. They do work well in normal conditions but are a bit impaired on wet surfaces.

On the other hand, the soles, though made of rubber, give a very good comfort. Some of my friends, who have been used Crocs or Dansko for more than 4 years, recently switched to these Alegria. They are being totally satisfied now because the clogs actually decrease their long-time foot pain.

So, you can use these as not only your work shoes at the hospital but indeed as treatment shoes. You can totally use them in kitchens for example if you are having some problems with your feet. However, you might want to check out my Top 10 Most Comfortable Kitchen Shoes for Men & Women (Updated 2018!) just in case you can find some better shoes (I believe you will).

Cost and Value

Their price is not too bad: from $40 to almost $200. But for a good one, they might cost you around $100.

You should really consider carefully when buying these because I find that the Crocs offer much better breathability for a lower price while the Dansko last much longer with almost the same cost.

These shoes are very comfortable, yes. But they seem to be 1-year type as many people have told me that. After one year, they may degrade quite quickly. So, remember that you have other better options unless you definitely focus on the comfort.

4. Alegria Paloma Flat

Main features

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • A cushioned flat-form sole is topped with a bright patent-leather upper

What makes them stand out?

Another Alegria, different style.

Some Alegria fans out there may find that the classic clogs are not safe enough sometimes. Remember that you have another choice: The Paloma Flat. With a counter, you can feel much better.

Still, a good comfort is what Alegria can give you. These may not be a very good choice for protecting your feet but are an absolute worth trying treatment option.

My experience

These Alegria will give a lot more space for your toes. Also, you can experience a much better breathability.

With the counter and the waist lock, your feet will stay safe in the shoes though you may find it a bit more difficult to slip them on.

But, most important, these will also bring the best comfort, especially to ones who are suffering. Many people have been healing their foot pain with these. Trust me, I have consulted my friends thoroughly (and read tons of review from doctors and nurses).

Some even buy multiple Alegria pairs just because they are totally fine with their extremely comfortable soles. And, Alegria Classic Clogs and Paloma Flats are often the core in their collections.


Upper parts

With this type of upper, the majority of your feet will be exposed. This is much better to ones who enjoy a good breathability. But, thus, they are different from others while they do not fully protect your feet. In hospitals, I believe this should not be a big deal though.

These fix the biggest problem with the Alegria’s Classic Clogs. Your feet will be kept well even when you run a bit too quickly. However, you should avoid causing any big impacts on your clogs because these are not designed to be strong.

Without padded collars, there is more room for your heels though you might feel a bit irritated if you walk a lot. Hence, these clogs should be good for you if you mostly stand for a long time but need to be quick here and there sometimes.

Slip-resistant soles

The soles are also extremely comfortable. They are not very different from ones used in the Alegria’s Classic. Memory foams also greatly contribute to the overall comfort.

The footbed is wide, with the opening design, you will have room to “wiggle” your toes without worrying that they may get rubbed. Your feet will be relaxed in their own shape too.

Cost and Value

These Paloma Flat are little cheaper than the Classic but still offer almost all features, in which the most valuable is a great comfort. You can buy these at Amazon for from $40.

You should put a small attention on the size if you have an uncommon foot shape. Since the clogs made of leather, they are not elastic, you may want to buy some shoes a bit larger if you have wide feet.

I strongly recommend you going through customers’ reviews before settling a size. There are a lot of guidelines made by ones who bought and used Alegria for some time. They are very helpful in choosing the best size for you.

Have you found your desired shoes? Are they good enough for you?

I believe you can see what you are looking for in some of them, maybe all, because:

  • Firstly, I’m also a surgeon. I understand your difficulties. And I know what you want.
  • Secondly, I have put a lot of effort to decide my top picks. There are many good shoes from different sellers, yes. But, I have weighed up their features very carefully and I believe my Top 4 non-slip shoes for women are the best that most suit you.

If you have not found ones for yourself or you are not a surgeon but still want some nice non-slip shoes, don’ forget to check out our other reviews:

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Good-bye for now!

See you in other posts!

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